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DNP Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the coursework for the DNP, graduates will:

    • Integrate scientific underpinnings including knowledge from biological, social, and analytical sciences as the foundation for the advancement of nursing practice;


    •  Synthesize scientific, theoretical, and policy data from a variety of disciplines to improve health care systems and health outcomes for individuals and populations;


    •  Incorporate evidence-based practice regarding innovations, technology and scholarship in nursing practice, health care delivery and community projects;


    •  Demonstrate competency in in utilizing informational systems and in determining best practices in regard to use of technology in the care of individuals, populations and community based health planning;


    •  Assume a leadership role in projects involving community partners, health care systems, advocacy campaigns or legislative action that leads to healthcare improvement;


    •  Demonstrate skills in the multidisciplinary approach to resolving healthcare needs of individuals and populations with focus on collaborative efforts with members of the health care team; and


  •  Incorporate principles of health promotion, disease prevention and population health that lead to acquisition of high level advanced nursing practice skills.