Bachelors of Science in Education

Master of Arts in Teaching – Traditional Program
Master of Arts in Teaching – Alternative Certification Program
Master of Arts in School Guidance Counseling
Master of Education in Teacher Leadership
Rank I Instructional Leadership – School Principal Program

Mission of the College of Education
In keeping with the Spalding University pioneer spirit of service and the tradition of collaborative commitment to the development of the total person, the College of Education has as its mission the preparation of educators who possess intellectual understanding, holistic perspectives, and professional skills to lead others to the maximum use of their potential for lifelong learning in a multicultural society.

Vision of the College of Education
The College of Education at Spalding University strives to prepare educators as leaders who will take the lead in transforming teaching and learning within diverse setting, their own buildings, the state, the region, and the nation to better serve all students and their families. As a unit, we will be poised to anticipate and respond to changing demographics and societal expectations by regularly reviewing and updating our programs to meet the needs of the time. Through collaborations with area schools, professional and community organizations, we aim to emphasize our shared commitment to the education and well-being of all students. Above all, we endeavor to prepare competent educator leaders who will be known, individually and collectively, by their qualities of leadership and who, in turn, will cultivate similar qualities in those they teach and lead.

Educator as Leader
At Spalding University, teachers-in-training live the future. Enter Spalding’s College of Education, and you will learn about teaching for the 21st century; use technology to leverage the way we learn, from kindergartners to lifelong learners; make current instructional methods an essential component of the teaching and learning process; and study with professionals who hold a common desire to lead learners and to improve the lives of today’s youth.

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