Housing Application

2014-2015 Housing Application

Welcome to Spalding University and the residence life housing application. Please read all questions and answer them appropriately. Please also keep the following in mind:

• Upholding the university’s expectations of residential students is vital to the peace and justice of our community.
• While we will do our best to honor your location preferences, most students tell us that their relationships in the halls determine the quality of their experience more than where they live on campus.
• Student assignments are based on deposit date order.

This contract is binding for Sessions 1-6. With the exception of graduating students, moving out before the contract ends will result in a $100 witholding fee and you will continue to be charged for the remainder of the academic term.

  • If you are an international student, please enter 0000
  • Only fill out this question if you checked ‘Non-Spalding Student’ .
    Note: Housing preferences are not guaranteed. Assignments are made based on availability and at the discretion of the Department of Residence Life in the best interest of all residents. If you are a first-year student you may be housed in Morrison Hall which is double rooms only. You will not be placed in a higher cost room without notice and the option to decline on-campus housing.
    *Accessible housing must be approved by Accessibility Services blog.spalding.edu/arc/accessibility-services
  • I understand that if my preferred roommate does not list me on his/her application then we are not guaranteed to be housed together.
  • Emergency Contact & Health Information

  • Dining Services

    Participation in the University Flexible Meal Plan is mandatory. Students residing on campus must choose one of the available options for each semester of their enrollment. There are several options to choose from and you may upgrade or downgrade your meal plan at the start of Session 1 or 4 only. Meal plan dollars roll over between sessions and zero out at the end of Session 7. There are no refunds. Learn more about the meal plan at www.spalding.edu/eat.
  • Fees, Deposits & Refunds

    A non-refundable $100 application fee is due before a room assignment can be made.

    Residential students will be financially obligated for the entire academic year, with the exception of students who have completed their academic requirements and are eligible to graduate or who are participating in a Spalding study abroad program. If a student voluntarily elects to vacate his/her room early, the full amount will still be charged. We will not credit housing charged within the current academic/contract year unless an appeal is granted. You may request an appeal through the Financial Aid office. Early termination of your housing contract may result in a $500 early termination fee.

    All furnishings in the room at the time of check-in must be in the room, fully assembled and functional at the time of check-out to avoid a damage charge. Damage to the room beyond normal “wear and tear” will be considered a disciplinary matter and will be dealt with through the office of the Dean of Students. Students are expected to remove all personal belongings and all trash. If the room is not left in an acceptable condition, the standard being “broom clean” a cleaning charge will be equally divided among the students assigned to the room. The University will not assume responsibility for belongings left in the room after check-out.

    After the end of the first full week of the semester, the Housing Contract is binding and all residence hall fees are non-refundable for either voluntary or involuntary withdrawals.

  • Billing

    Billing of Residence Hall charges will be done at the BEGINNING of each academic year and students must:

    A) Submit payment for the Academic Term (Fall or Spring) IN FULL before a housing assignment will be made


    B) Be formally cleared through Financial Aid that support is forthcoming in an amount to cover housing and meal-plan charges IN FULL before a housing assignment will be made.

    Students who do not register for classes, fall below full-time status, fail to make academic progress or engage in other behaviors that may adversely affect their aid eligibility may be evicted from the residence life program and from campus housing.

    No student may carry a balance for housing or meal-plan charges. Billing will not be assessed on a monthly basis. All housing is on an Academic Term (semester) basis ONLY.

  • Living Preferences

  • Policies

    Please review the following policies and acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of the policies by signing below.
  • Regulations

    The resident(s) of the space assigned shall be subject to all the rules and regulations outlined in the most recent editions of the Student Handbook and the University Catalog. In the event of a discrepancy between the Handbook and the Catalog, the University Catalog will prevail. This contract must be completed and submitted by each student before a housing assignment is made.
  • Check-in Procedure

    First-year students may check-in the Saturday before Orientation, August 16, 2014 beginning at noon. All other students are requested to move in the Saturday before the start of their first session at Spalding, August 23, 2014.
  • University Breaks

    The residence hall is open during all session breaks, including spring break and the Thanksgiving holiday. Students must find alternative housing during Winter Break (December 19, 2014 at 6pm through 10am January 4, 2014) but are not required to move any belongings. Residents must vacate the hall for the summer on June 26, 2014 unless approved for summer housing. Residents must apply for summer housing during Session 6. Space may be limited and thus priority is given to those students who are taking class or working on campus. Rooms must be cleaned before vacating and will be inspected during the break. Students who are staying for Session 7 and returning for Session 1 must find alternative housing during the Summer Break (August 7 – 15, 2015) and will need to move their belongings to their fall housing assignment before the break begins. Students who need to stay on campus during the Winter and Summer breaks must receive approval from the Director of Residence Life and will be subject to a charge of $100 per week (with the exception of RAs during both breaks and Orientation Leaders during the Summer break).
  • Check-out Procedure

    You must notify the Director of Residence Life in writing of your intent to vacate the hall if you are moving out before the end of the academic year. All residents must complete a formal checkout with an RA or an approved Express Checkout.

    If you choose to move out of the residence hall before the end of the academic year you will forfeit the $100 damage deposit.

    All residents who are not approved to reside in the hall during Session 7 must vacate their rooms within 48 hours of their last exam and no later than 12:00 PM on the last Sunday of the session. Any student who withdraws from the University must vacate his or her room by 12:00 PM on the Sunday following his or her withdrawal from the University or within 48 hours of withdrawal, whichever occurs first. Students who are evicted from the Hall, or expelled from the University, must vacate their rooms within twenty-four hours after the receipt of written notification unless otherwise noted.

  • Eviction

    Living on campus is a privilege and a responsibility. It is expected that you will uphold the community standards that make residence life a peaceful, just and positive environment. There are several scenarios in which eviction from the residence halls are possible consequences.
    A) A serious or chronic violation of University honor or behavioral policies may result in eviction. The Honor Board or Behavioral Intervention Team may authorize eviction as a sanction of an Honor Board hearing or if the University has grounds to believe the continued residence of the student presents a clear and present danger to life or property. No refund of housing fees will be given to individuals evicted from the residence hall. Students may appeal the decisions of either the Honor Board or BIT through the appeal policies for those bodies.
    B) A student who ceases to be enrolled as a full-time student at Spalding University may be evicted. The residence life environment functions on the assumption of service for the development of students. A part of the responsibility of the student is to make academic progress. Dropping below full-time status may result in eviction.
    C) Students who do not meet financial obligations to the university may be evicted from the hall. Students must meet financial obligations for housing BEFORE housing assignments are made. Once made a student must remain in good financial standing with the university. A debt to the university beyond $1000 is grounds for eviction.
    D) Failure to maintain a healthy and safe living environment may result in eviction. Residence Life staff will provide necessary interventions and opportunities for personal development however, if such interventions are unsuccessful and the maintenance of your living quarters is unsanitary you may be evicted.

    In all cases of eviction students forfeit any balance due, even if the date of the eviction falls within a time period in which a portion of the housing fees for the semester would otherwise be returned.

  • Late Registration

    For Fall and Spring terms, if a student moves into campus housing anytime during the first 7 weeks of the semester, the fee will be assessed at 100%. If a student moves into campus housing anytime after the first 7 weeks of the semester, the housing fee will be assessed at 75%.
  • Health Information

    All students residing on campus MUST provide proof of medical insurance or be placed automatically on the Spalding insurance plan through Maksin and have the student account billed. All residents must also have proof of immunization on file in the Residence Life office and submit verification of health insurance either on their own or another policy. Mail your immunization records to 901 South 4th St., Louisville, KY 40203. The completed certificate of immunization must:

    a. Include day, month, and year of vaccinations
    b. Be signed by a doctor, nurse, or school official
    c. If laboratory evidence is used for proof of immunity, test results should be attached
    d. The following vaccinations are required: Tetanus-Diphtheria Vaccine Polio Vaccine (OPV or IPV) Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccine Tuberculin Skin Test (PPD) Negative result within the past 6 months or proof of treatment for positive result Varicella (either a history of chicken pox or record of the vaccine) e. The following vaccinations are recommended: Influenza Meningococcal Hepatitis B

  • Graduating Students

    Students who complete their degree requirements in Session 5 or Session 6 may remain in the residence hall until 12:00 PM the day after Commencement. Residents who complete their degree requirements in Sessions 1-4 or 7, may not reside on campus beyond 12:00 PM the Sunday following their last exam without written approval from the Director of Housing.
  • Session Stop-out

    Students who have a record of satisfactory academic progress (2.5 or above) for at least two sessions and are in good behavioral standing may continue to reside on campus for one session without being in class provided that he or she has registered and paid the necessary deposit for classes in the following session and has received approval from the Director of Housing.
  • Room Key

    Loss of a room key should be reported immediately to your Resident Assistant (R.A.) and to the front desk. A charge of $25 is assessed for key replacement. If a key is lost more than once or if the key is not returned to the University within 48-hours of Check-Out a lock replacement charge of $55.00 will be made to the student’s University account.
  • Smoking

    The residence halls are smoke-free facilities. Smoking is prohibited in all resident rooms. Smoking is also prohibited in all public or commonly shared areas of the residence halls, including, but not limited to hallways, stairwells, restroom facilities, laundry rooms, lobbies, lounges, labs, study rooms, and indoor recreation areas. Students accused of smoking may face fines or judicial hearing/sanctions.
  • Drugs and Alcohol

    In addition to federal, state, and local laws governing the use and possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs, Spalding University prohibits the possession, furnishing, or use of these substances by all persons while on University-owned or controlled property. This policy applies to residents and their guests. Students caught with alcohol or illegal drugs will be referred to an alcohol/drug educational program and the Honor Board where they may be fined, disciplined, or expelled from the University.
  • Right of Entry

    The University may enter student rooms without notice if it has reason to believe a health or safety emergency exists, or if there is reasonable cause to believe that a violation of University policy, State, or Federal Law is occurring. Entry into rooms for routine maintenance will be made only with prior notice. University staff members may conduct room inspections to ensure rooms meet fire and safety requirements. Prohibited items (pets, firearms, candles, unauthorized appliances, etcetera) may be removed at the student’s expense. Students will be notified in writing if any item is removed. These inspections shall not involve intrusion into the student’s personal belongings. However, if violations of the Student Handbook or University Catalog are found in “plain view” appropriate judicial procedures may be initiated.
  • Plain View Doctrine

    University officials are legally obligated to report evidence of unlawful acts in “Plain View.” This means that if illegal or dangerous items such as alcohol, marijuana, firearms, or hazardous materials are found in a residence hall room, evidence may be obtained and used against the student in a campus hearing or turned over to the Louisville Metro Police Department.
  • Living/Learning Environment

    Students living in Spalding Residence Halls agree to participate fully in Res Life Programs and Activities including meetings, training programs and other events designated as mandatory by Res Life Staff.
  • Community Responsibilities

    Living in the residence hall is a privilege accompanied by certain responsibilities for shared public spaces and furnishings. Residents are required to take their trash to the dumpster outside the building. Leaving trash in hallways or filling communal trash cans (such as those located in the restrooms, laundry rooms or by the outdoor bins) with large amounts of personal trash is not acceptable behavior and may result in a fine or duty assignments.
  • Campus Safety

    The University and the student share the responsibility for ensuring the quality of life within the residence hall. Each occupant of a room assumes responsibility for any act, behavior or conduct that originates from that room. Students are responsible for bringing safety concerns to the attention of Campus Safety or the Director of Housing. The cost for replacing items stolen or damaged in an irresponsible manner will be divided equally among all applicable residents.
  • Personal Insurance

    The University accepts no responsibility for the theft, loss, or damage of money, valuables, computers, or any personal property of any student, either in the student’s residence hall space or in University storage areas. Students are urged to purchase insurance to cover such losses.
  • Acknowledgement

    The resident hereby acknowledges that Spalding University is a not-for-profit institution operated exclusively for educational purposes, and as such the accommodations provided under this contract do not establish a landlord-tenant relationship subject to Federal, State, or City laws or other regulations associated with leases or the payment of rent. The resident acknowledges that the right to reside in the residence hall is contingent upon maintaining affiliation with the University and the resident agrees to vacate the residence hall immediately upon termination of that affiliation.
  • Nondiscrimination

    Spalding University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, disability, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, or religion in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other University-administered programs. It complies fully with the prohibitions against discrimination on the basis of sex contained in Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972. Discrimination or harassment of others may be cause for dismissal from the residence halls. In employment of both students and staff, Spalding University is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer.
  • Authorization

    I understand that any actions I take or am involved in that violate any policy or procedure within the university catalog or student handbook are punishable, by fines, duty assignments, mandated counseling or suspension/expulsion. I further acknowledge that it is my personal responsibility to read, know, and be aware of the policies within the catalog/handbook. I acknowledge, by my agreement below, that I have read all of the provisions of the contract stated above and agree to uphold these provisions as a resident student.
  • Your name and last four digits of your social security # will serve as your electronic signature.
  • For students under 18 years of age as of this date, the signature of a parent or legal guardian is required as a guarantee of the financial and other obligations for residents set forth in the contract.
  • Price: $100.00 Quantity:
    If you prefer not to pay your housing deposit online (through PayPal) then skip this question and remit your housing deposit ($100) to Enrollment Services at 901 S. Fourth St. Louisville, KY 40203
  • $0.00
  • Thank You!

    Thank you for submitting an application for housing at Spalding University. To learn more about residence life visit www.spalding.edu/live.