MFA Tuition & Fees

Tuition, Travel & Other Costs


The Spalding low residency MFA program is a 65-hour degree. Four core semesters each include a 3-credit-hour residency and a 12-credit-hour independent study. A 5-credit capstone residency completes the degree. Through summer 2017, tuition is $560 per credit hour.

Travel costs


Students cover travel, housing, and some meals. Housing ranges from $500 to $990 for nine nights at the Brown Hotel, a four-star hotel near campus where most students stay. Hotel garage parking costs $11 a day. Parking on campus is free.


Students cover travel, housing, and meals. Estimated travel cost, including airfare, is $4,000-$5,000, depending on location.

Other expenses

The cost of books varies, but an estimate is $200-$250. If packets are exchanged via postal mail, postage might total $150-$200 for the semester.

Federal Student Loans

Tuition, housing, and other expenses may be covered by federal student loans.

Federal loans for graduate school are available to most U. S. citizens (and eligible non-citizens) unless they have defaulted on previous student loans or have reached the lifetime limit (see Students in the Spalding low residency MFA program are full-time graduate students and are usually eligible to borrow up to $20,500 per year.

Learn more about how to apply for federal aid. 


MFA scholarships are awarded to incoming students and typically range from $500 to $750. In 2015, we awarded 29 scholarships totaling $45,750. See our list of scholarships and application information.

Graduate Assistantships

For second-, third-, and fourth-semester students, assistantships are available for tuition remission of about $600-$1,800 per semester. Assistantships may involve working on social media/marketing for the MFA program, assisting in the MFA office, or serving as student editor for The Louisville Review. Students do not have to live in Louisville to apply.

In 2015, the program awarded 26 assistantships totaling about $40,000.