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Rosenthal_Falling In







Overlooked: Underseen

Artwork by Rosalie Rosenthal

On view: January 15 – February 26

Opening reception: Friday, February 5, 5 – 7 p.m.

This exhibition developed from the discovery of old matchbooks and toy figurines which were about to be discarded. These collections inspired a visual exploration. Elements of embedded memory contained in the visible details offered an artistic point of departure. The names of various establishments on the matchbooks provide a record of places visited over a lifetime while the graphic styling and wear reveal the passage of time.

Similarly, the damaged and dusty toys cast the memory of child’s play, and the broader remembrance of history through period dress. Many narratives could accompany a collection like this, some suggested by visual cues and others imposed. The forms themselves also invite aesthetic examination. The interpretation of materials begins with the inherent reciprocity between the artist and the object.

The process of transforming the collections comes from intense looking and a desire to fully investigate the physicality of the objects. In this way the expected and unremarkable aspects of a thing become remarkable. The essence of the object responsible for the “irresistible effect” reveals itself in the visual translation that forms this exhibition and results in work ranging from narrative to abstract in nature. The exhibition title references different ways of seeing based on the changing physical perspective of the lens focused on unconventional subjects.

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