Spirit of Service

Service to the community is a rich part of our heritage which continues today through the endeavors of our students, faculty, and staff, who graciously give of their time and talents to a number of organizations, locally and abroad.

We serve hospitals, schools, healthcare providers, museums, social service agencies and community-based organizations. We’d like to say thank you to these organizations for their collaboration with Spalding and their compassion towards our community’s citizens. View a list of these partner organizations, as seen in the “2013 Spalding University Year in Review.”

Our designation as a compassionate university means that we are not only being recognized for our history of compassion through service, but for our pledge to work diligently to expand our capacity for compassion as individuals and as a community of learning—both in the classroom and out in the world.

As part of the compassionate university movement, we are working to change the way human beings view our world. At Spalding we teach our students that philanthropy is embracing advanced global citizenship.

On average, our students give their time and talent to well over two hundred institutions and organizations through internships, practicums, work study, and service learning, totaling 1.16 million hours per year.

To report service hours, please click here.

“Spalding is dedicated to something larger than itself,” says professor Dr. John Wilcox. “The spirit of Spalding aims not to make Spalding great, but to give life and support weaker ones. People at Spalding are dedicated to what Spalding stands for: helping others. This is the spirit holding us together.”