According to President Tori Murden McClure collaborative work has helped Spalding's endowment to grow.

University Leadership

Welcome to Spalding. Our university represents a legacy of education established in 1814 by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. We offer a nurturing-yet-rigorous education for traditional-age students, adult learners and graduate students. We strive to continue the work of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth by responding to the varied needs of our students as well as educating students to become compassionate community members and service-minded leaders, no matter if they are nurses, teachers, attorneys or business owners.

Our campus is located between the bustling downtown city center and the historic Old Louisville neighborhood. Spalding is close to shopping, entertainment, galleries and museums. We are also experiencing a time of growth for our campus community as evidenced by the recent renovations of our Republic Bank Academic Center and the College Street Center. In addition, we continue our “greening” initiative with new landscape features and parking accommodations. All of these changes are appealing aspects of our growing campus.

As you have likely heard in local circles, Spalding University is recognized as a compassionate university. In December of 2011, the Compassionate Action Network confirmed Spalding as the first certified, compassionate university in the United States. This movement is calling for each of us to embrace advanced global citizenship. Our designation as a compassionate university means that we are not only being recognized for our history of compassion through service, but for our pledge to work diligently to expand our capacity for compassion as individuals and as a community of learning—both in the classroom and out in the world. As part of the compassionate university movement, we are working to change the way human beings view our world.

At our core, Spalding is a university whose mission is based on meeting the needs of the times—and for the faculty and staff that means responding to the individual needs of our students as well as the communal needs of our neighborhood, city and region. Spalding is committed to educating women and men who want to serve their communities through their chosen profession. This is our pledge: Every student will leave Spalding a stronger leader, a more involved citizen and an enlightened lifelong learner. Welcome to Spalding.


Tori Murden McClure, M.Div., J.D., M.F.A.