David J. Hudson

Hello, my name is David Hudson, you can call me Dave. I have been an Assistant Professor of Management with the School of Business since 1988. I hold a bachelor’s degree from Chapman University, a Master of Science degree from the University of Southern California, and a Master of Arts degree from Webster University. In addition I have earned 21 doctoral level credit hours from NOVA Southeastern University, Ft Lauderdale, FL. Major: Higher Education and nine doctoral level credit hours from Spalding University, Louisville, KY. Major: Higher Education. By the way all of my education was completed while working full-time.

In the undergraduate program, I teach Principles of Management, Management of Human Resources (undergraduate and graduate), Business Ethics, Integrative Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, and Special Topics in Management (Strategic Decision Making, Entrepreneurial Strategies and the Global Dimensions of Business).

In the graduate program, I teach MSBC 630 Organizational Ethics: Internal and External Communication Issues. I have also taught Training and Development in the graduate program. By the way for those of you who are not familiar with our graduate program and are thinking about attending graduate school once you complete your undergraduate degree keep us in mind as one of your options for graduate school. Each class lasts 6 weeks, meets one evening per week. The program is 33 credit hours. If you are able to take two classes each 6 week session, you can complete your degree in less than 2 years. In my opinion the degree provides a cross-section of business knowledge and communication knowledge wrapped up in the classes you will take. I believe the degree offers a viable alternative to the tradition MBA program and gives you additional “tools” that you can offer to your present employer or future employer.

As part of my additional duties with the school and the university, I lead and monitor the internship program and I provide academic advising for 25 undergraduate students, approximately 8 graduate students, and I am the Faculty Athletics Representative for the University. For those of you who do not know, Spalding University is part of the NCAA in Division III. We have over 10 NCAA recognized sports. Some of the sports we compete in are Men’s and Women’s Basketball and Soccer, Women’s Volleyball, and Men’s Baseball just to name a few. Our Women’s Volleyball team has been to two championships, winning one and was runner-up in the other.

I am married, my wife and I reside in Elizabethtown, KY. I have two grown sons, and I have three grand children. My wife of 30 years works at the Whistle Stop Restaurant in Glendale, KY (past Elizabethtown) off of interstate 65 south.

While I was still a member of the US Army and had completed my first graduate degree (attending class in the evening), my dream was to teach at the college/university level. I was speaking with a co-worker, telling him of my dream. He told me I should submit my resume to several institutions located outside of Fort Knox. I thought, why not, so I did. One institution responded, I went for an interview and was hired to teach part-time. My first class as the instructor was Principles of Management. From 1982-1986 (while I was still in the US Army) I taught evening classes with the institution. Of course during my military career I was a teacher, a mentor, and a leader.

Once I retired from the military, I started a small business and continued to teach part-time. One weekend I was reading the Courier Journal and saw an ad for an Assistant Professor position with the School of Business at Spalding University. Not being from this area, I had to do some research to find out about Spalding. Once I did, I responded to the ad and forgot about it. About two weeks later I was called to come for an interview, waited another week, was called back for a second interview and was offered the position the next day. When I initially started with Spalding I thought I would stay for 5-10 years, but I enjoy the profession so much, I am still here speaking with you.

Some additional information about my professional experience prior to beginning my tenure at Spalding includes 20 years in the US Army, as a Human Resource Manager/leader. I was very fortunate that my military career was not what one would think of or would call a typical military career. I actually spent the entire 20 years (after basic training) in various human resource positions at Army staff level or in leadership positions such as First Sergeant. After retirement I was a sales, marketing, and public relations professional, and a small business owner.  As I said earlier, I continued to teach part-time until I accepted Spalding’s offer of a full-time position.