Dishant Pandya

Hi, my name is Dishant Pandya and you can call me Mr. Dishant or Mr. D (Just don’t call me Mr. Pandya, that’s my dad’s name!). . I have a bachelors’ degree in Finance and Management from Sullivan University. I also have an MBA in Management from there. I also have a Master’s degree in Economics from Cleveland State University. I am currently finishing up my doctorate degree in Finance from Cleveland State University. When you guys complain about 5-6 pages for a term paper, let me tell you that writing a 200 page dissertation is not fun! In my classes, I believe in teaching theory with mathematical and practical applications. I try to use as many current and relevant examples as I could find. But I would also ask my students to provide some as well. I have an accent, so please if you do not understand me, let me know. I also have tendency to speak fast, please let me know if I am speaking too fast. My wife is trying to slow me down, but I married her recently and I have been speaking for a long time, so it’s going to take a while! I am old fashioned and I prefer using the board to PowerPoint. However, my handwriting is absolutely terrible. Hey, I have a good excuse, I am going to be a doctor! In my personal life, I have been living in Louisville since 2004 and I am still checking out its treasures. Any help in finding those treasures would be appreciated! I got married fairly recently to my wonderful wife from India who always tells me that she married me and not a professor. I take revenge by using her as an example in my classes. BUT do not tell that to her, otherwise I will be sleeping with my dog, who weighs more than me! I am proud to be known as a geek and nerd. And I am very much like Adrian Monk, except I don’t solve crimes. I enjoy reading anything and everything, especially financial news and fiction books. I love Star Wars (not a fan of Star Trek), Harry Potter, and, recently fell in love with, British TV shows, especially Doctor Who and Sherlock. Based on my love of Back to the Future films, Percy Jackson series, and Doctor Who, I have decided that when I get my doctorate degree, my students can call me ‘Doc D.’ If you need to contact, send me an email at or call me at 502-873-4258 or come to my office in the basement of Mansion West.”