Programs of Study in Business

The Business Foundation

As a student earning your degree in business you will take a core set of program courses that are important to your success in any area of business.

BA 250                  Principles of Management
BA 351                  Management of Human Resources
BA 395                  Business Ethics
BA 385                  Business Law
BA 461                  Global Dimensions of Business
BA 220                  Computer Applications
BA 320                  Advanced Computer Applications
MKT 240               Principles of Marketing
MKT 342               Marketing Research
ACC 261                Accounting I
ACC 262                Accounting II
BA 366                  Financial Management
BA 481                  Integrative Strategic Management

Customized Area of Study

In addition to the business degree foundation courses you will also select from three customized areas of study.

Business Management

Three electives of your choice from Business, Marketing, Human Resource Management or Accounting

BA 210                 Foundations of Personal Finance


MKT 344               Consumer Behavior
MKT 375               Digital Marketing I
MKT 455               Digital Marketing II
MKT 475               Strategic Marketing

Human Resource Management

HRM 410              Compensation and Benefits
HRM 420              Staffing Organizations
HRM 430              Employment Law
HRM 470              Training and Development