Scholarships and Awards

Medal in Oratory

Awarded to the champion of the School of Communication annual speech competition.  Competition is designed to present COM: 201 Effective Speaking students with an opportunity to experience the best principles of oral communication and persuasion in action.

Outstanding Internship Award

Presented to an exceptional internship student registered in “Communication 443: The Professional Internship” during the past academic year.  This student must have completed or be near the completion of an internship and received exemplary evaluations from her or his supervisor.

Sister Mary Ransom Burke Award

Named for a former Dean of Spalding College and the founder of the Communication Program at Spalding, this award is based on student academic achievement and contributions to the school, university, and community.

School of Communication Service Award

Given to a student who has contributed substantially to the advancement of the School of Communication through classroom participation, participation in service learning, promotion ofLambda Pi Eta, and/or some other activity that is a credit to the student and the school.

Textbook Scholarships

Twice a year the School of Communication awards textbook scholarships to communication majors.  The awards are given in the Fall and the Spring to an Adult Accelerated Program (AAP) student and to a Tradtional Day (DAY) student.