What is Interdisciplinary Studies?

Interdisciplinary Studies is an approach to answering questions, solving problems and addressing contemporary social issues from perspectives offered by multiple disciplines. By placing complex issues and questions into broad contexts, interdisciplinary students develop new ways of thinking that often challenge and change the status quo. For example, addressing the intersection of gender and power raises questions of justice, equality and the social environment. This is one way interdisciplinary studies links academic pursuits to community engagement. By addressing such civic issues, the School of Liberal Studies’ interdisciplinary programs foster classroom experiences that value questioning, respect and individual responsibility.

Interdisciplinary students study across multiple disciplines and gain the skills and academic knowledge to make them strong candidates for today’s continually changing job market. Employers seek employees who communicate well, adapt easily to change, and apply critical and analytical thinking skills to solve complex problems. They also seek candidates with good interpersonal skills, intercultural understanding and a global outlook. Interdisciplinary Studies students are well prepared to thrive in the workplace and to succeed in a wide-range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary graduate programs.