Bridge June 17 2014

Study Abroad Opportunities

The School of Liberal Studies offers a study abroad program in Ireland every other year. The program, which is open to all Spalding students, spans a six-week session, with students taking one to two courses on campus for four weeks to prepare them for their travels. The final two weeks has students seeing their studies come alive during a two-week trip to Ireland. The resulting realization that other cultures are real and complex expands students’ global awareness and teaches them that studying other people, places and time-periods is not just about what they learn in the classroom, but reflects actual experiences. While abroad, the challenges of living within another culture, as well as traveling with a close-knit group, enhances students’ interpersonal skills and develops an intercultural awareness that applies to all aspects of students’ lives. Liberal studies majors and the other students who travel with this program consistently report that their experiences are life-changing.

Liberal Studies students are encouraged to apply for an English Speaking Union Summer Study Abroad Scholarship to study over the summer at a prestigious British university. This opportunity is open to students across the state, and the School of Liberal Studies has had great success with numerous students earning this scholarship.