Aprile, Dianne (Creative Nonfiction)

Barnes, David-Matthew  (Writing for Children & Young Adults, Playwriting, and Screenwriting)

Bartoletti, Susan Campbell  (Writing for Children & Young Adults)

Bauman, Beth  (Writing for Children & Young Adults)

Brenner, Larry  (Playwriting and Screenwriting)

Brickman, Julie (Fiction)

Cook, K.L.  (Fiction)

Daniels, Leslie  (Fiction)

Dean, Debra Kang (Poetry)

Dean, Gabriel  (Playwriting and Screenwriting)

Driskell, Kathleen  (Poetry)

Duval, Pete  (Fiction)

Gaines, Charles  (Creative Nonfiction)

Gann, Kirby  (Fiction)

Harper, Rachel  (Fiction)

Hemingway, Edie  (Writing for Children & Young Adults)

Hoffman, Roy  (Fiction and Creative Nonfiction)

House, Silas  (Fiction)

Johnson, Fenton  (Fiction and Creative Nonfiction)

Kriel, Helena  (Screenwriting)

Lippincott, Robin  (Fiction)

Lisberger, Jody  (Fiction)

McCabe, Nancy  (Fiction and Creative Nonfiction)

McCrae, Shane  (Poetry)

Morehead, Maureen  (Poetry)

Morse, Eleanor  (Fiction)

Naslund, Sena Jeter  (Fiction)

Newman, Lesléa  (Writing for Children & Young Adults)

Obolensky, Kira  (Playwriting and Fiction)

Orr, Elaine Neil  (Fiction and Creative Nonfiction)

Pape, Greg  (Poetry)

Pipkin, John  (Fiction)

Schmiedl, Eric  (Playwriting)

Schulman, Charlie  (Playwriting and Screenwriting)

Thompson, Jeanie  (Poetry)

Vaswani, Neela  (Fiction and Creative Nonfiction)

Walker, Rebecca  (Creative Nonfiction)

Wilkinson, Crystal  (Fiction)

Zalutsky, Sam  (Screenwriting)