Summer Residency

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The World Is Our Classroom

At Spalding, we believe the best writing springs from a rich accumulation of life experiences. Our innovative summer semester allows students to explore a different international locale each summer, deepening their understanding of literature and culture around the world.

Like our spring and fall semesters, the summer semester begins with an intensive on-site residency and continues as students return home for one-on-one independent study with a faculty mentor. The independent study session follows a nine-month schedule, allowing students to dedicate 12-15 hours a week to their writing, rather than the 25 hours required in spring and fall semesters.

The Summer 2015 residency took us to Greece, where we explored the cultural treasures of Athens and the island of Crete. Past residencies have taken place in Paris, London and Bath, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Italy, Ireland, Prague, and Berlin. Our next stop: Rome, June 29-July 11, 2016.

Curriculum and Cultural Exploration

During the residency, students participate in faculty-led workshops in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, writing for children and young adults, screenwriting, or playwriting. They attend craft lectures, panel discussions about publishing, and plenary lectures about principles that apply to all forms of creative writing. They also plan future writing and reading in consultation with their mentor.

To prepare for our 2016 residency in Rome, all students will view several Italian films, read (in translation) an Italian text specific to their area of concentration, and read a book or script by a faculty member in their area.

Faculty and MFA program directors provide leadership and intensive learning experiences for all students, and an educational tour director travels with us for the entire trip to answer questions, offer cultural insights, and keep our travels flowing smoothly. The summer residency is open to students, alumni, and guest travelers.

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