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The next six week on-line class is scheduled to begin on June 29, 2015; please register below.


Nurse Assistant Course #19 – Orientation is Friday, June 19th at 1 pm.

All documentation is required prior to orientation and can be emailed to cjames@spalding.edu or faxed to (502)585-7149.

Kosair Charities College of Health and Natural Sciences
901 South Third Street, Room 104
Louisville, KY  40203

A Spalding parking pass will be provided.

For additional information contact Cindy James via e-mail  cjames@spalding.edu or call (502) 873-4290.

Specifics of the Certified Nursing Assistant  program in the School of Nursing (SON)

The nursing assistant  program is a 75 hour course comprised of both a didactic and clinical component.  The didactic component which includes instructional materials and tests, is an on-line program and accounts for 45 hours of the 75.  The clinical component is comprised of 14 hours in the SON skills laboratory on the University campus and 16 hours in a/the clinical facility, all under the supervision of SUSON instructors.

 History of the Certified Nursing Assistant  Program 

A local Health Care Systems company  requested the School of Nursing to develop a program to teach  the company’s  executive staff the role and scope of practice of a patient care assistant – as a function of an internal  company goal. The SON agreed and applied for approval from the state of Kentucky to conduct the Medicaid Nursing Aide program (MNA) -Long Term Care officially titled the Kentucky Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation program (NATCEP).  State approval was granted and personnel from the SON provided the program which allows the graduate of the program to sit for the State examination. This program has been implemented once and additional programs are scheduled.

Subsequent to this proposal, another local Health Care Systems company and the SON reached an agreement to develop a program to teach their current Patient Care Assistants aspects of patient care to improve the skill level in the acute care setting. The SON is currently working to develop the program to teach current Patient Care Assistants acute care and specialty unit skills – reflective of their area of assignment. This course of study is not a state program. The SON is working with a private company to develop a course of study based on role delineation studies of currently practicing Nurse Assistants in acute care that is psycho metrically sound and legally defensible. It is anticipated that a National Certification exam will be forthcoming.

Additionally, students from the SUSON are required to complete a Nursing Assistance course prior to entering the Nursing program. The SON has a program within the School that meets the needs of students.

 For information on the nursing assistant program visit:  http://blog.spalding.edu/nursing/knat