Academic Nursing Programs

It’s hard to pick up a newspaper and not see the headlines stating nurses are in demand! The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports employment among RNs to be the fastest growing on average for all occupations. Nursing is no longer confined to just hospitals. Though many nurses still find themselves in the exciting environment of a present day hospital, today’s nurses are on staff in numerous professional areas. Because of the skills nurses possess, industry is eagerly seeking out nurses in multiple arenas.

For more than eighty years, Spalding University’s School of Nursing has earned an excellent reputation within our community. The BSN Program is the oldest collegiate-based nursing program in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Our rich tradition and high educational standards has prepared over 2,300 registered nurses, who are serving the health care of the public throughout Kentucky, the U.S. and abroad. The School of Nursing also offers the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). Through its program offerings, the School of Nursing remains committed to assuring excellence in nursing practice through innovation in nursing education.

What Makes Us Different From Other Schools of Nursing?

Building on liberal education competencies, our faculty takes pride in:

The reason faculty come to Spalding is because of the relationship that we form with students. Learning is our mission.

Personal Approach
Unlike programs that offer only online courses with instructors located remotely, we combine the flexibility of completing most coursework in a Virtual Learning Environment while implementing personal contact with your professors in face-to-face classes scheduled on a limited number of Saturdays during each session.

Unique scheduling format
Spalding is the only university in the Louisville area that offers courses in six-week block sessions. This program will give transfer students general education and nursing education credits from an ADN or Diploma Nursing programs based upon an individual review of the transcript. The student will complete an additional 28 to 33 hours of nursing coursework at Spalding University. The RN to BSN program is offered through the Adult Accelerated Program, whose tuition rates are very competitive with public college tuition rates. This low-intensity format allows nursing courses to be completed in one year’s time, and makes it feasible for students to commute from the region while balancing work and family responsibilities. Other general education courses that are needed can be completed through evening and weekend classes offered by the Adult Accelerated Program.

Master’s credit course
The curriculum includes one master’s level course that will assist you in your future educational goals.

Courses are tailored to the student’s individual and occupational needs.

Nursing Degree Programs

BSN Degree

RN to BSN Degree

MSN Degree

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)