MSOT Prerequisite Courses

The following courses* (or equivalent) must be completed with a C or better prior to officially entering the professional  MSOT Program:

BIO 261 Human Anatomy

BIO 262 Human Anatomy Lab

BIO 263 Human Physiology

BIO 264 Human Physiology Lab

CHEM 106 Chemistry for the Allied Health Sciences

MATH 113 College Algebra or higher

MATH 231 Statistical Techniques

ANTH 211 Cultural Anthropology OR SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology

PSY 103 Psychological Systems

PSY 202 Life Span Development

PSY 458 Abnormal Psychology

PHIL 154 Ethics

ENG 109 Intro. To College Writing

COM 201 Effective Speaking

PHY 204 Physics for Rehab Sciences

*Any course substitutions are at the discretion of the School and MSOT Program Director.

If accepted into the Auerbach School of Occupational Therapy and you have not completed a college level medical terminology course, then you will be required to complete an online medical terminology competency assessment prior to starting the MSOT program.