Spalding University’s School of Professional Psychology offers several options for students interested in serving amidst the complexities of human experience. Impassioned faculty, many of whom are licensed clinical psychologists currently in practice, will assist as each student focuses on current theory, research, and applications in the field. As a student of psychology, you can expect rich interpersonal connections with full time faculty, individualized mentoring and advising.  And of course, as with all classes at Spalding, the classes are small, and presented in a flexible scheduling format.

You can earn your Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in either traditional or adult accelerated program formats. The BA in psychology focuses on exploring and explaining human behavior and how to apply this valuable knowledge in a variety of fields. In fact, a BA in Psychology from Spalding University prepares today’s learner for a variety of career choices, including of course, graduate study in psychology.

Spalding also offers a fully accredited Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) degree in Clinical Psychology.  While you receive a broad generalist training, you are able to choose from emphasis areas including Adult Psychology, Child, Adolescent, and Family Psychology, Forensic Psychology, and Health Psychology. Many students even combine emphasis areas to better help them meet their specific career goals and interests. In Spalding’s PsyD program you will be trained as a Scholar-Practitioner who is knowledgeable in the application of best practices. Committed faculty members work to ensure that at the commencement of your Doctoral education you will be a culturally sensitive psychologist who is exceptionally equipped to effect positive change.

Undergraduate Program

Our Undergraduate Major in Psychology offers a Bachelors of Arts degree in both traditional and accelerated formats. Within this major, students are exposed to ways in which psychology explores and explains human behavior with a particular focus on how psychology is applied. Graduates find that they have an articulated understanding of the human experience and are amply prepared for a variety of career options, as well as advanced training at the graduate level.

Students who matriculate through the AAP (accelerated) format may complete their general requirements on the weekend or in evening sessions. The curriculum and requirements are identical for both formats.

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Graduate Program

The School of Professional Psychology (SOPP) proudly offers a comprehensive doctoral program in clinical psychology that is fully accredited by the American Psychological Association and is a member of National Council of the Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology (NCSPP). Although strongly grounded in the study of general clinical psychology, our Psy.D. program strives to meet the demands of a changing, diverse society with opportunity to study in the areas of Adult PsychologyChild/Adolescent/Family PsychologyForensic Psychology, and Health Psychology.

We are dedicated to providing generalist training in clinical psychology based upon scientific principles, grounded in evidence-based practice, and offered in a collaborative and cooperative setting.  Furthermore, to train competent professionals to function in a complex and diverse society, the program emphasizes critical thinking, ethical decision-making, and the promotion of social justice.

For more information regarding Graduate admissions, contact or call (502) 585-7127.