Course and Credit Requirements

The School of Professional Psychology faculty are committed to providing an effective, state-of-the art doctoral curriculum in clinical psychology to their students. As such, the curriculum is evaluated on a regular basis with adjustments made as warranted. Students are required to complete 120 credit hours to earn the Psy.D. degree.

For a complete listing of all courses and course descriptions in the Psy.D. program, please see the Spalding University Catalog.

For current tuition and fees associated with the Psy.D. program, please see the Spalding University Tuition and Fee web page.

Doctoral Coursework includes the following:

Psy. 501 Motivation, Emotion, & Cognition (3)
Psy. 508 Biological Basis of Behavior (3)
Psy. 509 Social Basis of Behavior (3)
Psy. 555 Ethics in Clinical Psychology (3)
Psy. 571 Introduction to Intervention (3)
Psy. 575 Foundations of Psychological Assessment (3)
Psy. 590 Professional Development Seminar (0)
Psy. 608 Applied Developmental Psychology (3)
Psy. 609 Research Methods & Design (3)
Psy. 610 Applied Statistics (3)
Psy. 621 Multicultural Issues and Competencies in Psychology (3)
Psy. 631 Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (3)
Psy. 651 Cognitive and Intellectual Assessment (3)
Psy. 652 Assessment of Personality, Behavioral, & Emotional Functioning (3)
Psy. 653 Systems of Psychotherapy (3)
Psy. 657 Group Psychotherapy (3)
Psy. 658 Psychopathology (3)
Psy. 685 Clinical Practicum I (6)
Psy. 686 Clinical Practicum II (6)
Psy. 506 History & Systems (3)
Psy. 611 Program Evaluation (3)
Psy. 765 Interpersonal Psychotherapy (3)
Psy. 785 Clinical Practicum III (6)
Psy. 811 Psychopharmacology (3)
Psy. 821 Clinical Applications of Multicultural Psychology (3)
Psy. 880 Advanced Clinical Skills: Supervision and Consultation (3)
Psy. 885 Clinical Practicum IV (6)
Psy. 891 Dissertation Seminar (0)
Psy. 892 Doctoral Internship (3)
Psy. 893 Doctoral Dissertation (9)

Additionally, students complete 4 courses in their respective Emphasis Areas and 2 General Electives.

Transfer of Credits

A minimum of 90 credit hours plus dissertation and internship must be completed at Spalding. Students who enter with a master’s degree are granted credit for all comparable coursework to the Spalding master’s degree in accordance with the following regulations:

  • The program will accept up to 30 credit hours of previous graduate work
  • The Director of Graduate Training and/or Director of Clinical Training must approve all transfer credit. Transfer credit is given only for course work with a grade of B or higher at the graduate level from regionally accredited institutions.
  • Transfer credit is given only for courses that are equivalent in sophistication and content/skills to courses at Spalding University.
  • Transfer credit may not be awarded for an equivalent course if, in the judgment of the evaluator, the course was taken too long ago to be of current value.
  • Transfer credit may be denied, if in the judgment of the evaluator, the course would not be acceptable to state boards of psychology.

Ordinarily, credit is given for course work taken in psychology programs. However, credit may be given for work in closely related programs provided the above criteria are met.

Questions about credit transfers should be directed to Dr. Ken Linfield, Director of Graduate Training.