Practicum Experiences

The SOPP Graduate Practica Program provides 4 levels of experience:

Practicum I:     Psychological Assessment of Children and Adults (6 credit hours)
Practicum II:    Introductory Psychotherapy (6 credit hours)
Practicum III:  Psychotherapy; Development of Conceptual Model (6 credit hours)
Practicum IV:  Advanced Psychotherapy and Beginning Clinical Supervision (6 credit hours)

Students enrolled in the Doctoral program will complete the entire 4 level sequence, with 1 (one) advanced practicum focused on the student’s chosen area of emphasis during either Practicum III or IV.  All four practica are intended to cultivate knowledge, skills, and attitudes consistent with the professional competencies set forth by the National Council of the Schools of Professional Psychology (NCSPP) and informed by the American Psychological Association (APA).

Adherence to the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct and the most current version of the SOPP Practica Program Guidelines are required of all who are formally involved in the SOPP Practica Program. The sequencing, duration, nature, and content of this training are an integral part of the SOPP graduate curriculum. In combination with the core curriculum, and when appropriate the emphasis area curriculum, the Graduate Practica Program provides necessary experience and education that can lead to licensure at the Master’s level, the procurement of a Predoctoral Internship, and/or licensure at the Doctoral level.

Questions about the Graduate Practica Program should be directed to Dr. Brenda Nash, Director of Clinical Training.