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International Students

We extend a warm welcome to students from other countries. Your presence here at Spalding enriches the experience of every member of our campus community, and we hope that you, too, will be enriched by continuing your studies here.  We look forward to introducing you to a vast array of cultural, educational and professional opportunities available to you in and around the Louisville community.

To prepare for admission to Spalding University, you need the following documents:

  1. Previous I-20 forms
  2. Completed application to Spalding University – including copies of transcripts and evaluations of transcripts by a US evaluating agency, TOEFL and/or GRE scores
  3. Copies of passport, visa, I-94 card (if available)
  4. Program start date (I-20 cannot be issued for initial attendance if the student is already enrolled in a program unless the courses are prerequisites).
  5. Normal length of study for the program and program end date
  6. Cost of program (including tuition and fees, living expenses, expenses of dependents if the dependents are to be included in the student’s I-20, books, insurance, personal and travel costs)
  7. Certified, current bank statement for total cost of the program
  8. Affidavit of financial support for the total cost of the program
  9. Copy of letter of unconditional acceptance into the program
  10. Address in foreign country and local address
  11. Proof of language proficiency – TOEFL/GRE (if applicable)
  12. Transfer Eligibility Form (if applicable)
  13. For change of status:  Completed Form I-539 (available at the local immigration office or on line); check or money order for fee to accompany application
  14. For dependents:  Full name, date of birth, country or birth and of citizenship; Proof of current immigrant status; copies of I-94 card for each dependent (if available)
  15. Letter from the prospective student stating the reason for requesting change of status.

Note:  The proof of language proficiency will be waived if the student has graduated from a U.S. (or other English speaking) college/university.