Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for the academic year 2016-2017 have been approved by the Spalding University Board of Trustees, and these rates will be in effect starting July 1, 2016. Details on tuition by program, fees and housing costs are detailed in this chart. Through June 30, 2016, the rates and fees below will be valid.

Tuition for 2015-2016

The following schedule outlines the tuition per credit hour for the courses/programs, for the academic year, July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016. For more information on scholarships and loans, please visit our financial aid page.

Program/Courses Tuition Rate/Credit Hour  (inclusive of fees)
Undergraduate – daytime courses #100-400, except Athletic Training, Health Sciences, Nursing, OT and Studio Art   $775
Adult Accelerated Program (AAP) – undergraduate evening/weekend courses #100-400** $400
Athletic Training – undergraduate & graduate courses #300-700 $785
Health Sciences, Nursing & Occupational Therapy – undergraduate & graduate courses #300-800 $840
Studio Art (KSA) – undergraduate courses #100-400 $785
Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis (MSABA) – graduate courses #600-700 $850
Master of Science in Business Communication (MSBC)-graduate courses #600-700 $600
Master of Education (MA/MAT/M.Ed.) – graduate courses #500-600 $680*
Master of Fine Arts in Writing (MFA) – graduate courses #500-600 $560
Master of Social Work (MSW) – graduate courses #500-600 $695
Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) – graduate courses #700-800 $775
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) – graduate courses #700-800 $840
Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) – graduate courses #500-800 $950

*55,000 DEGREES SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM, for all master’s education courses, reduces tuition to $360 per credit hour.
** Includes RN to BSN program.

Spalding Suites – Standard Room Single: $3,050/semesterDouble: $2,800/semester
Spalding Suites – First Year Pods Single: $3,000/semesterDouble: $2,750/semester
Morrison Hall – Standard Room Single: $2,950/semesterDouble: $2,700/semester


Meal Plan
Standard Plan: 10 meals/week on campus, plus $250 in Dining Dollars $1400/semester
Flex Plan: 8 meals/week on campus, plus $150 in Dining Dollars $1200/semester


For Ed.D. and Psy.D. Students
Continuation fee for Ed.D. students $775
Continuation fee for Psy.D. students $950
Equivalent of 1 credit hour while writing disseration/not taking courses