Your City, Your Campus | Why Spalding students love living and learning in downtown Louisville

Steve Jones

There is nothing like the excitement and resources of a big city.

That’s why Spalding University, a top five college in Kentucky (College Choice 2017 & 2018),  is a dynamic option for prospective college students.

Spalding, with a 23-acre campus in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, is located within miles, if not blocks, of many of the state’s most active sources of commerce and culture. Many of the companies and nonprofit organizations where young adults most aspire to work are right near campus. As are some of the state’s coolest restaurants, music and sports venues, museums, galleries, shops and parks.

So for students eager to live in a big city while also wanting to attend a small university, Spalding shapes up as a great choice.

“I love that Spalding is close to everything,” said sophomore Jessica Nelson, who is an art major from Somerset, Kentucky. “I have many different places to explore, and I have access to a lot of things that small towns don’t. Being able to explore (professional) options in Louisville while I’m younger will definitely give me a feel for my future jobs and internships.”

SmartAsset named Louisville as a top city for new college grads, and ZipRecruiter ranked Louisville as having a top-10 job market nationally. Perhaps that’s a reason why 70 percent of Spalding alumni choose to live in Louisville after college.

“Living in Louisville after college is my plan,” said Spalding sophomore Ethan Thornton, who majors in business administration with a concentration in marketing.  “It’s a city on the come-up, and attending Spalding is a great way to live in a big city while still feeling like everything is close by.”

Thornton said he loves that campus is near the business sector of the city, making it less intimidating to venture out to network or pursue internships and jobs.

“It’s also really refreshing knowing that these employers can reach out to Spalding references easily,” he said.

Before coming to Spalding, Nelson, who is studying pre-art therapy, said she had never been to an art museum because there are none in her hometown.

“Being open to all the opportunities to see art only five minutes from my dorm was amazing,” she said. “I really enjoy going to the Speed Museum and getting inspiration for my homework and projects.”

Nelson said she and her friends enjoy bike riding around town, and she likes to visit a nearby butterfly farm on the weekends. She also enjoys exploring thrift shops and downtown festivals to check out art that’s for sale.

“There is much more to look at in Louisville,” she said.

As for campus life, Nelson, who lived in Morrison Hall last year and has moved into the Spalding Suites this summer, said Spalding’s community of students, faculty and staff is small enough that she can get to know a lot of people, “if not everyone,” on campus.

“But,” she added, “I still have the perks of living in a big city.”

“I’m very happy with my decision to attend Spalding,” Nelson said. “Most colleges don’t get as personal with their students to guide them where they need to be.”