Mother Catherine Square

Beauty Meets Function with Greenspace

Mother Catherine Square under construction.

Mother Catherine Square under construction.

One look around campus tells you that things are on the rise: enrollment, new programs, and an upgrade to NCAA Division III status. Naturally, growth brings growing pains – and for Spalding, those pains have come in the form of campus construction.

If you observed the heavy construction next to the Egan Leadership Center (ELC) this past fall, you  witnessed phase one of a comprehensive plan to beautify our campus. The construction space is the home of Mother Catherine Spalding Square, a “quad-like” green space that will provide a natural respite in the midst of our urban campus. In addition, Kevin Weber, the manager of facilities management, explained that there is no current official entrance to Spalding, and it is planned that this space will further serve as a gateway to the university. He states, “It’s the front door to the campus that we never had.”

In addition to the visual appeal of a green space, Mother Catherine Spalding Square will serve an important function in the community. With the design of this space, Spalding is working in conjunction with the Metropolitan Sewer District to comply with a Federal Consent Decree to control rainwater overflow, thus preventing flooding. The square is designed to direct rain water overflow toward the landscaped areas so that it can be absorbed into the soil.

“We’re improving our campus and we’re also helping the community,” says Weber.

As the campus evolves to meet the needs of a growing community of students, administration continues to plan for new spaces that will enhance both the way students live and learn as well as how the physical campus contributes to the community.