Cost of Attendance

Estimated Cost of Attendance 2022-2023

What will it cost you?

Our cost of attendance (or sticker price) isn’t the actual cost that most students pay to attend Spalding. These estimates are based on a traditional, undergraduate student living on campus and do not include any Spalding-funded scholarships you may be eligible to receive. For an estimated costs based on your income and academic information, use our net price calculator.

Costs paid directly to Spalding
(appears on the student’s bill with Spalding)

Semester Year
Tuition $13,450 $26,900
*Student Service Fee $75 $150
On-Campus Housing $2,350 $4,700
Meal Plan $1,800 $3,600
Direct Cost Subtotal $17,765 $35,350

Other estimated costs not paid directly to Spalding
(is not paid directly through Spalding billing)

Semester Year
*Books and Supplies $600 $1,200
Travel $845 $1,690
Personal Expenses $2,765 $5,530
Indirect Cost Subtotal $4,210 $8,420

Every first-year student pays a $250 one-time fee for the First-Year Experience.

*This fee supports health and wellness services and education

**Some books are paid directly through Spalding through Academos. Please read your syllabus for each class to determine if your books are charged to your Spalding Account,.

For on-campus housing, you must submit a $100 deposit to secure your room and receive a housing assignment. You will not receive your housing assignment until you pay the deposit. This deposit will be applied as a payment to the student account reducing the balance due for the first semester that you live on campus. You need to submit this deposit once for each academic year. You do not need to submit it each semester. The Housing Preference Form will instruct you on how to pay the $100 deposit.

Unused meal plans are forfeited at the end of the semester. Any unused Eagle Dollars may be carried over from fall to spring but will be forfeited at the end of spring.