Tuition & Fees – Entry-level OTD

Tuition and fees

Our OTD program at Spalding is a 110 credit hour degree that can be completed over 9 13-week trimesters. The cost per credit hour is $935 for the ’22-23 academic year.

The total cost for the 3-year program is $102,850. Here’s the breakdown:

OTD Tuition and Other Costs

Tuition and fees 2022-2023 Academic Year Total Tuition Cost for 3-year Program
Tuition $935 per credit hour $102,850
SOTA and CastleBranch fee* (one-time at program start) $193 $193
Annual student fees* (AOTA, KOTA, TB tests) $120 $360
Textbooks Varies per trimester

(Many books are used for multiple courses throughout the program.)

Estimated Total: $42,130 $104,765

*Please note, these costs reflect the 2022-2023 fees and are subject to change.

Cost comparison

See how our tuition stands up to other OTD programs in the region:

Market Analysis of Regional Universities
University Total Credit Hours Cost Per Credit Hour Total Tuition
University of Indianapolis 105 996 $104,576
Huntington University 111 896 $99,446
Indiana Wesleyan 105 867 $91,000
Washington University 106 1240 $131,440
Belmont University 110 1174 $129,120
Spalding University 110 900 $104,765

Federal Student Loans

Tuition, housing, and other expenses may be covered by federal student loans.

Federal loans for graduate school are available to most U. S. citizens (and eligible non-citizens) unless they have defaulted on previous student loans or have reached the lifetime limit (see Full-time graduate students are usually eligible to borrow up to $20,500 per year.

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