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Tulip Poplar Society

The Tulip Poplar

Given by the first graduating class of Nazareth and planted in the mansion courtyard, the tulip poplar tree, for which the society is named, is treasured by the Spalding community. As the tree will continue to provide shade and shelter, the Tulip Poplar Society will continue to assist the university in providing quality educations for future students.

Tulip Poplar Membership

The Tulip Poplar Society members are Spalding donors who have chosen to leave a legacy with the university through our planned giving program. By planning for their futures, they are ensuring the future of Spalding and making college affordable for our students.
Tulip Poplar Society membership recognizes the legacy of these donors not only for supporting Spalding, but also for inspiring generosity in others. Society members receive invitations as honored guests to Spalding gatherings and special private events as well as recognition in digital and print donor honor rolls.

The following Tulip Poplar Society members celebrate their commitment to Spalding with planned gifts to our university:

Anonymous (2)

Dr. S Pearson Auerbach and Minx Auerbach†
Bertha and Harry Bailen†
Ester F. Bentley ’41†
Ann Teresa Berry ’22†
Jean Bivens ’61
Marie E. Bloemer ’47†
Joanna Agnes Burke†
Larry Butterfield
Anson E. † & Katherine G. Christian†
Henry Clay
Marianna Cody†
Jean and Lewis D. Cole†
Martha ’49 † and William C. Colleran, Jr.†
Verna Lee Craig ’00†
Anne Blincoe Conboy†
Constance Conroy ’75 and Arthur Crawley
Dr. C. Jane Davis ’37†
Margaret Grosjean Dotts ’51†
Margaret H. Doyle†
Ellen T. Dunbar ’77†
Alice H. Eigelbach ’26†
Dr. J. Jerome Fargen
Mary Lynn Fields, SCN ’71†
Jeffrey George and Michael Troy Fischer-Smith
Donald and Mary Susan Fishman
Beulah Fontaine ’44†
Joe French†
Mary Anne Fueglein ’37†
Don J. Glaser
Bert and Misty Griffin
Mary Margaret Hardiman ’43†
Margaret Hargrove †
Mary C. P. Hilger ’44 ’71
Dorothy Keeton Hindman†
Mark ’03 and Julie Hohmann
Lawrence † and Ruth Hollander†
Leslie B. ’71 and Fred Horenburger
Nancy M. Hoskins ’55
Martha C. Radike Jesse ’41†
Dr. Jillian and Dr. Knowlton JohnsonLouise Kannapell’29 †
Mary J. Kearney †
Rita M. Kearns †
Mary E. Roach Kidder ’47 †
Carolyn A. Kiesling ’64†

Thor Laugesen†
Craig G. Leland†
John Link†
Nancy T. Lyons ’33†
Amanda J. Lucas ’14
Martha Maloney ’59†
Edith L. Mann†
Ann Martin ’37†
Phoebe L. Masters ’67†
Tori Murden ’05 and Mac McClure
Josephine McGuire ’36 †
Katharine M. McNelis ’24 †
Shirley M. † and William J. Merke†
Dr. Kathryn Mershon ’67
Freddie V. Moffett ’66†
Annie M. Moore †
Mary Margaret Murphy ’37†
Marie M. Niescier ’44†
Mary Louise Payne†
Vera C. Perrella†
Simone M. Rageot ’54†
Rosemary F. Ranger ’62†
Dr. Donald and Patricia Rankin
Merle E. Robertson†
Joseph Louis Ruley†
Mary Willa Schaeffer ’53†
Aleen M. ’43 † and Paul W. Schreiber†
Alma Jean Sheeran†
Rita J. Shrader ’94
Sylvia L. Simon ’62
William B. Sisco†
Gene M. Smith ’72 and Robert Atcheson
Mary Elinor Smith ’35†
Thomas Jacob Smith
Helen Spry ’44 ’58†
Dr. Laura ’03 and Dr. Randy Strickland
James M. Thornton†
Mareta F. Turner ’60
Dr. Mary T. Titzl†
Alice Wagstaff Verostko ’41† and Roman Verostko
Mary C. Vessels ’75†
Lorena C. Vincent ’28†
Letitia L. Walter ’57
Patricia Wathen ’49
Augusta M. Wheeler-Wood ’53 ’60†
Matthew S. Whisman
Carl H. and Mary C. Osbourn Wolford ’59
Byron J. Wunderlich
Jane Yen ’56

† represents members who have passed.