Get Involved on Campus in 3 Simple Steps

Bria Staten-Favors

How to get involved on campus

Being involved on campus is an important part of the college experience. According to US News & World Report’s 5 Reasons for Getting Involved in College, getting involved has numerous benefits: it allows you to become connected to your school, it helps you build community, it helps you discover your passions and strengths and build your résumé. There are tons of studies that show the benefit of student involvement in academic retention and graduation rates of college students. As a new student transitioning to campus life, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are the top three tips from students at Spalding University:

Step 1: Think about what you may be interested in.

“College is a journey of self -exploration,” said Shianne Davis, Spalding University student and social media ambassador. “Inquire about extracurricular activities your school has, follow your passion and welcome new opportunities outside your comfort zone.” Institutions can have hundreds of student organizations and extracurricular activities, there’s something for everyone.

Step 2: Seek out your school’s resources.

“Getting involved in college is super easy,” said Spalding University student, Ethan Thornton. “Instead of walking past all the flyers you see posted around campus, stop and read a few. There will surely be something you’re interested in. It might even be worth trying the things you’re not so sure about. You may like it.” Whether it be flyers, online databases or your institution’s office of student involvement, don’t be afraid to seek out resources and ask for help.

Step 3: Understand what it takes to be involved.

Being involved is a great experience and a fun way to integrate yourself more fully into campus life, however, it can come with a significant amount of responsibility. When joining student organizations, be aware of how much time it will require. This way you can make sure you manage your time and fulfill your responsibility to your extracurricular activities while also balancing classes and schoolwork.