Green Space Dedicated to Mother Catherine Spalding

MCS SquareOn October 11, Spalding hosted a blessing and dedication of Mother Catherine Spalding Square.  Alumni, faculty and staff attended the benediction which was part of host alumni reunion weekend activities that included a Founder’s Day mass, presidential brunch, bowling outing and more. Sister Margaret Rodericks, SCN, gave the blessing and sprinkled the circumference of the space with holy water. President Tori Murden McClure spoke about the importance of the square to the campus community, thanking all of the people who helped to create the space.

“I like how the green space has been described as a gateway to our campus,” says Cathi Biller, manager of alumni relations. “It’s a beautiful space for our students, staff, faculty and alumni, who return to campus for visits, to enjoy in different and meaningful ways. It’s a campus improvement that we are so proud to share with our distinguished alumni.”

Mother Catherine Spalding Square is adjacent to the Egan Leadership Center, between Third and Fourth Streets on Breckinridge,  and is a very visible part of the university’s campus greening initiative. Kevin Weber, the manager of facilities management, explained this space will further serve as a gateway to the university. “It’s the front door to the campus that we never had,” he says.

With the design of this square, Spalding is working in conjunction with the Metropolitan Sewer District to control rainwater overflow and to prevent flooding. The square is designed to direct rain water toward the landscaped areas so that it can be absorbed into the soil. President Tori Murden McClure has affectionately been referring to Mother Catherine Spalding Square as “MC2”. The square’s name is a link to Spalding’s historical tie to the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. “During the last couple of years, we have enhanced our physical space to make Spalding a more vibrant campus community,” says McClure.

As the campus evolves to meet the needs of the growing community of students, administration continues to plan for new spaces that will enhance the way students live and learn as well as impact the downtown Louisville community.