Housing Application

Welcome to Spalding University! The Spalding University Housing Application is an online application process and must be completed and submitted online. The application is not complete until you submit your $100 NON-REFUNDABLE application fee.

Spalding University believes that the opportunities for learning from others, for developing social and interpersonal skills and for personal growth are greatly enhanced by on-campus residency. All full time undergraduate students under the age of 21 or with less than 89 credit hours are required to live in the residence halls or with a local parent/legal guardian.  Students are required to live in the residence halls until they turn 21 or earn 89 credit hours.  Students in the Adult Accelerated Program, Graduate students and students 21 year of age or older are exempted from this policy; however, they may reside in student housing if they request to do so. Exemptions may be made in special cases (i.e., student has a medical need, financial need, spouse, or dependent in their care), but must have prior approval from the Appeal Committee. If a student does not live with a parent/legal guardian or in the halls and has not applied for an exemption, the student may be subject to judicial sanctioning from the University and/or housing fines.