Huff Gallery Presents SUSTAIN

The Huff Gallery at Spalding University hosts SUSTAIN from January 12-February 23. The exhibit features a collection of work from six artists: Craig Bunting, Rudolfo Saldago, Jr., Susanna Crum, Mary Carothers, Annie Langan, and Ryan Patterson. The gallery will host an artists’ reception on February 7 from 6-9 p.m.

The SUSTAIN artists create work that examines present and future ideas on the health and welfare of people and animals, living and working environments, and practices that enrich society and culture. These six artists present a range of perspectives and approaches to thinking about how this and future generations live healthy, sustainable lives.

Huff Gallery director, Joyce Ogden states:

Environmental issues are typically at the core of discussions surrounding sustainability, but this exhibit attempts to take an expansive look at issues affecting the future health of the planet and society.  The human relationship to landscape, including plants, food, and animals, is explored in past, present and future contexts through the work of Susanna Crum, Annie Langan and Craig Bunting. The integration of art within society to create a stable and deeper sense of community and belonging is at the core of Mary Carothers’ public art and Ryan Patterson’s community based work.  In the sculptures of Rudolfo Salgado, Jr. and Ryan Patterson we see how materials and objects that were once part of consumer society gain new purpose and meaning.  And finally, how we think about our bodies and health is explored in two different ways through Carothers’ sculpture for Owensboro Health and Salgado’s fantastical investigation of the pressurized, mechanized systems within the body.

Huff Gallery exhibits and artists’ receptions are free and open to the public.