Huff Gallery Presents Symposium on Art and Parenting

Spalding University will present a symposium of artists and writers discussing the intersections of parenting with their creative processes from 6-8 p.m. on December 5 at the Huff Gallery in conjunction with the current exhibit, With Child: Art and Parenting. The symposium will be free and open to the public.

The exhibit, curated by artists Lisa Simon and Skylar Smith, showcases new work by seven artists who are also new parents, including: Adrienne Callender, Alice Stone Collins, Shawn Hennessey, Aerie Meredith, Gibbs Rounsavall, Lisa Simon, and Skylar Smith. Beginning in October 2011, participating artists began a body of work that reflected on their pre-and post-child artistic identity. Throughout the year, the artists met regularly to discuss their work in progress, and any challenges and/or surprises they encountered in both art-making and parenting. With Child: Art and Parenting endeavors to open a dialog about parenthood, sacrifice, compromise, and creativity while providing specific models for folding creativity into a busy life.

The symposium will begin with short readings by participating authors (and parents) Lynnell Edwards, Martha Greenwald, and Jeremy Collins that expand the dialog about balance and identity, including questions about how children figure as a subject in writing and how their own identities as parents have shaped their practice as writers. The panelists, also parents and artists, will also consider the ways in which the demands and ways of working differ for them. Audience members will be invited to ask questions and to further join the conversation.

About the panelists:

Skylar Smith is a co-curator and participating artist in ‘With Child: Art and Parenting’ at the Huff Gallery at Spalding University; she is an assistant professor at the Kentucky School of Art at Spalding University.

Simon is a mixed media artist and professor of art at Jefferson Community and Technical College.

Laurie Fader currently has a solo exhibition, ‘Paintings from Umbria’ at the Kentucky School of Art’s 849 Gallery.  She is an associate professor at the Kentucky School of Art at Spalding University.

Martha Greenwald is the author of Other Prohibited Items, winner of the 2010 Mississippi Review Prize for Poetry. She teaches in the IESL program at the University of Louisville.

Lynnell Edwards’ most recent collection of poetry is Covet (2012). She is associate professor of English at Spalding University.

Jeremy Collins’ essay “Shadow Boxing” appeared in The Georgia Review and was awarded a 2009 Pushcart Prize. His most recent essay “When We Were Young and Confederate” was recently nominated for a Pushcart by Chatauqua. He teaches writing at Spalding University.


With Child: Art and Parenting was made possible with a generous grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women and partnerships with the Speed Art Museum, Jefferson Community and Technical College Department of Art, and JCTC Commercial Art and Technology Program.

General Information:

The Huff Gallery at Spalding University is located at 853 Library Lane, Louisville, KY 40203. Phone: (502) 585-7122.


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