Immigrant Stories | Sahar Jamshed, Natural Science Major

In continuation of our Immigrant Stories, features highlighting students who identify as immigrants, we spoke with  Sahar Jamshed, a natural science major studying pre-dental. Sahar is from Afghanistan and moved to India as a refugee before coming to the United States.

If you feel comfortable doing so, share a little about your family and your experience of when and why you came to the United States? Were there any challenges you/your family faced?

I am from Afghanistan, Kabul. At a young [age], I moved to India as a refugee with my family. Life in Afghanistan is not what my parents wanted [for] us, living in fear and being tortured by society and its diplomatic people. We came to the United States because it’s the land of opportunity. Women are free to get an education and have a better life, and great things are available to be achieved by hard work and persistence. At first, life seemed very hard In America. I could barely speak the English language. My family did not have a clear idea of what they were going to do or [to] live here and to survive, but eventually, as years passed by, we figured it all out with help of other immigrant families and friends

Why did you decide to come to Spalding?

I decided to come to Spalding University (English being my second language) because I knew that I would need the extra help and attention from my professors in order to be successful in becoming a dentist.

BS in Natural Science | Program Overview

What has your experience been like as an immigrant student at Spalding, and are you happy/proud to now be a part of the Spalding community?

It has been a great journey here at Spalding University. I have had some great professors who are always there to help out. I am very proud and grateful to be here at Spalding University and to be part of such a humble a giving community.

Are there ways people could be more supportive of immigrant students?

People can be more supportive of immigrant students by simply making them feel welcome as Spalding University has [made] me [feel]. [Just] being there for them will help them in many ways. It will give them hope, something they did not have back in their home country.

What do you hope to do with your degree from Spalding, and does your immigrant experience influence your goals for your academic career, your professional career or your life?

I hope to achieve the greatest in my life. I feel lucky that as a woman I have the opportunity here in America to pursue the highest education, while many girls in Afghanistan do not have access nor the right to education. My bachelor’s degree from Spalding University will open up many doors towards my goals of becoming a dentist in the future. Being an immigrant and aiming for such as challenging and competitive field does encourage me and motivative me towards my professional career.