Jeanne Tessier at Huff Gallery

jeanne tessierThe Huff Gallery at Spalding University (853 Library Lane) is to host artist Jeanne Tessier’s showcase of work September 8-October 27. An opening reception will be held on September 8 from 2-4 p.m. at the gallery.

Tessier grew up in a small town in northern Illinois where her first artwork involved chalk and a sidewalk. Her love affair with art began with watching her father, a colorblind sign painter, as he painted, sometimes cleaning his brushes and helping him mix his colors. Her love affair with words began in childhood as well, a gift from her mother who sent her to the dictionary every time she asked the spelling or the meaning of a word. She has made art from available materials all her life.

My art almost always brings image and word together, often on the same surface; this is the first time I’ve composed an exhibit in which words and images hang side by side. I make art from available materials — found objects, scraps, recycled ceiling panels, remnants of ribbon, found feathers, broken glass, etc. I appreciate that some of my artwork contains objects or elements which possess a history separate from, yet also linked with, mine. In the work “Insuperable,” for example, with the exception of three peacock feathers given me by my friend Jane, all of the feathers were collected on my walks with my dog Spirit over the last four years. In the work “Broken/Beauty Shattered/Strong,” the feet of the sculpture are formed in part from a crystal butter dish, once my grandmother’s, which fell from a shelf and broke at my feet two years ago. In all my work, I seek to create a bond of shared meaning with others.

Jeanne has master’s degrees in communication studies and in pastoral theology. In addition to being an artist, she has worked as a teacher and a chaplain.