Keenan Lecture with Rev. Marian McClure Taylor

The School of Liberal Studies hosts the 32nd annual Keenan Lecture, Faith and Politics: Therapists Needed, presented by Rev. Marian McClure Taylor, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Kentucky Council of Churches.

Thursday, February 21; 7  p.m.

Egan Leadership Center Lectorium (901 S. Fourth. St.)

The religious ferment in the U.S. makes us better able to absorb people from many parts of the world, makes political discourse focus on values, and mobilizes huge armies of volunteers and donors. Our civic life would be radically different without it. But there is a pathology that has set at odds many faith adherents who should be together. The pathology is bad theology fed by fear and personality type differences. Faith and Politics: Therapists Needed will explore that pathology, the harm it causes, and the therapies that heal it. Can we become the therapists that are needed? Can needed social reforms succeed otherwise?

The event is hosted in conjunction with Spalding’s Compassion in the World’s Religions series, a forum on the world’s great religions, providing an overview of its history, key beliefs, and practices, sponsored by Spalding University’s Diversity Consciousness Action Group, Interfaith Paths to Peace, and Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church. The theme of this discussion is Religion in America. 


Rev. Marian M. Taylor, Ph.D., has served as the Executive Director of the Kentucky Council of Churches since June of 2009. She has helped the organization find ways to increase the churches’ voice through grassroots contacting of political leaders, and increased the time church leaders spend together developing trust and creative initiatives. Those initiatives include a program unit to encourage health ministries and health advocacy, and a new Lilly-funded program of support to clergy peer learning groups challenged to reach goals in the areas of health and hospitality.