Letter to Spalding Students from Dean of Students Erica Gray

It is a great honor to be the Dean of Students at Spalding University. While my entire professional career has been in education, ten of those years have been in higher education, in strategic areas of student success. My experience has shaped my philosophy for student success:

student centered + student focused = purpose driven

From my perspective, the role of Dean of Students is someone who observes campus, supports personnel and implements theory and practice. Translation = I am here to serve students.

Compassion is what is at the center of Spalding University. To lead here, at Spalding, is to lead with care, empathy, and courage. Care for the whole student, empathy for the lives of students outside of the classroom, and courage to advocate for a positive experience for all students.

Spalding students are who make campus thrive. The individual uniqueness, is what drives our diversity and contributes to the well-being, feelings of value, and being respected. Each of these are necessary to every students’ success in college. The Dean of Students has a huge responsibility for discipline on campus. I do not want my role or office to be perceived as just that. I am, actively, here to listen, support, encourage, and advocate for every students’ success. My promise is to push beyond, proverbial, boundaries, when it is needed, to serve students effectively and efficiently.

The division of student affairs is:

  • Purposed and positioned to provide a quality campus life
  • Committed to your safety
  • Determined to support you
  • Equipped to provide holistic resources to meet the varying needs of all students

We want students to be involved in shaping their experience at Spalding. Please share concerns, thoughts, ideas, and hopes with me so we can build rich experiences that will transcend far passed our time here.

Masks Recommended

Face coverings are NOT REQUIRED but are recommended on campus in indoor settings for ALL individuals, regardless of vaccination status. Faculty will have the authority to continue to require masks in the classroom or laboratory settings. The amazing cooperation and masking compliance we achieved last academic year were undoubtedly key contributors to our low number of positive cases on campus.

Contacting Eagle Care Clinic about COVID-19

If you do not feel well, have been exposed to COVID-19 or have tested positive for COVID-19, stay home and work with your professor to make up the classwork you miss. Some courses may be able to provide live streaming but not all will, so you are responsible for notifying your professor and asking how you can best participate in class and engage with the course material.

You should also contact the Eagle Care student health clinic to report your symptoms, COVID-19 exposure, and COVID-19 test results and receive guidance on your next steps by calling 502.873.4255. For information on Spalding’s isolation and quarantine protocol, visit Spalding’s Healthy Together webpage.

Here to serve,

Erica Gray

Erica Gray, Ed. D.