Master in Business Communication program launches Financial Planning track

The new Financial Planning concentration is applicable to any industry for students of any major

The Master in Business Communication (MBC) adds a new track in Financial Planning. The MBC program, which prepares future and current business leaders to think and lead differently, developed the financial planning track for professionals interested in developing skills of financial advisors. The financial planning track is one of five program concentrations, including marketing, sports management, human resource management and general business administration. Dishant Pandya, Assistant Professor of Economics and Financial Planning, introduces this program to bring financial planning education to every student, not just finance majors, such as full-time working professionals and those wanting to excel further in their careers.

Dr. Pandya: My name is Dishant Pandya, I teach at Spalding University for finance and economics. That’s my area of expertise. And I’ve been here for the last nine years. And I wanted to start a program where it touches every one’s life. This one kind of service that is sorely lacking in society. I feel like this is one where people understand how to help other people, and how to manage money.

Todd: I work full time, the classes were at night, the classes are once a week, the coursework I could complete on the weekends. So that was very important to me, because I do have to work full time. And I was able to pursue this while still working on this degree.

Dr. Pandya: This pathway will help students provide that trust.

Todd: It’s a growing industry. And it’s, it’s really the industry about relationships and building relationships with clients. And that was very appealing to me.

Dr. Pandya: So one of the benefits of being at Spalding is that it’s a very small institution with a very small university. I don’t want you to call me Dr. Pandya. Like call me Dishant.

Todd: The faculty is very knowledgeable. They are very generous with their time calling, you know, after class, meeting after class, helping with other things outside of class as far as interviews and job leads. I’m very happy with all the staff here.