natural science

New Options Available for Healthcare Majors

Students majoring in natural science who are interested in pursuing careers in healthcare may select from one of five newly redesigned pre-professional tracks: pre-dentistry, pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy, pre-physical therapy and pre-veterinary studies.

“Our multidisciplinary approach to education results in a breadth of scientific knowledge, which transcends the boundaries of a single scientific field,” says Dr. Kathleen Klueber, chair of the School of Natural Science. “Graduates will have flexibility in their career choices now and in future career changes.”

Based upon recent changes to professional program admission standards and guidance from accrediting bodies, the new options for science majors  vary somewhat in the number and type of courses required. In their first year, Spalding students will complete the foundational coursework in biology and mathematics and then enroll in advanced math, biology and physical science classes in years two and three. Midway through the junior year, students pursuing one of the professional tracks will be eligible to sit for the admissions exam and be prepared to submit their professional school applications.

Faculty members are actively involved in advising and mentoring students, and assisting them with professional school applications, letters of recommendation, and interviewing techniques. A benefit of the program will be practice interviews with feedback from faculty, who have previously served on medical and dental school admissions committees. In addition, natural science majors will have the opportunity to explore other exciting careers in the health professions such as audiology, orthodontics, pathology assistant, physician’s assistant, and podiatry.