Occupational Therapy Admission Requirements

Application Deadline

The next application window will open on Monday, May, 8th and close on Friday, July 7th for the January 29, 2018, start date. All applicants must have completed nine of thirteen required MSOT pre-requisites. Each candidate will receive notification of their application status on or before July 18th, 2017. MSOT Program Prerequisites

Admission Requirements

  1. Submit completed online  ASOT/MSOT application from the Spalding website before the deadline of  5 PM July, 8th 2017.
  2. Likewise, you must identify within the MSOT application the school and semester taken of any remaining prerequisites before occupational therapy courses start.
  3. Request Recommendation Forms (3 required), please make sure the recommenders complete the online forms promptly. References must be provided by a credentialed occupational therapist (OTR), a college educator, employer/supervisor or professional, preferably in a service related field. The MSOT recommendation process is integrated within the framework of the online application and submitted by via e-mail.   
  4. Upload and submit “all” unofficial transcripts with the online application. Unless AP credit, the transcripts must have a grade, verbiage of transfer credit will not meet program requirements.   
  5. Every candidate offered a seat in the program must submit all official academic transcripts directly from each previously attended college/ University to the Auerbach School of Occupational Therapy (Attn: Joe McCombs) 901 South Third Street Louisville, KY 40203   
  6. Each applicant must submit all materials through the Spalding University online application process. The Auerbach School of Occupational Therapy will not accept e-mails or paper copies.
  7. Upload and submit documented verification of minimum 20 completed observation hours with the online application. Observation hours may be with an occupational therapist, registered nurse, physical therapist or a speech pathologist. MSOT Record of Observation Hours
  8. Please make sure to complete the signature page of the end of the application.
  9. Submit $30.00 application fee online with the MSOT application submission. 

Please review the msot-admissions-documents before applying.

Entry-level BSHS to MSOT program

Upon admission to Spalding University, and successful completion of 55 credit hours of University Studies Program including minimum 9 of the 13 MSOT prerequisite courses and GPA of 3.0 or better for prerequisites, you may submit an application to the MSOT program. 

Admission to the University does not assure acceptance into the MSOT program. Based on completion of all Spalding admission requirements, the student will be eligible to submit an application for consideration of admission to the Auerbach School of Occupational Therapy.

Application Process

Based on pre-requisite core GPA ranking and mission alignment, the top tier candidates are invited to move forward in the application process. Timelines and instructions are sent via email how to complete the electronic interview and electronic writing sample. 

All applicants will receive notification of their status on or before July, 18th, 2017.

MSOT Admission Criteria Rankings

Candidate Interviews 

Selected applicants for the second round of the admissions process are required to complete an electronic interview. Applicants must have access to the Intenet, a computer, a web camera, and speakers to complete the MSOT interview. The time of completion is between 25 and 30 minutes; two ASOT faculty members score each candidate based on a grading rubric of interviewing best practices.

Writing Assignment

Selected applicants for the second round of the admissions process are required to complete a timed writing sample with alternating occupational therapy based questions for each application admission cycle. Applicants must have access to the Internet and a computer to complete the electronic writing sample requirement. Candidates are allowed 16 minutes to respond, and the assignment is scored by an independent reviewer from the University Academic Support Center.

Application Selection

Upon grading the writing samples and faculty review of all electronic interviews, written notification will be sent in regards to application status by the MSOT Program Chair and University Provost. 

Based on enrollment capacity the top 40 applicants will be asked to accept a position in the program with the next cohort. 

Every applicant admitted into the program must acknowledge and accept the position within timeframes communicated in the acceptance letter. Likewise, those admitted must submit official transcripts from each previously attended college/ university to Spalding University before the program begins on January 29, 2018.

Individuals who will not have a competitive application for admission include:

  • Any individual who has a GPA below 3.0 for prerequisites at time of application to the MSOT program
  • Any individual who has been unsuccessful with a D in two attempts to complete a program prerequisite

Early determination review

Any applicant who has a felony conviction or record containing illegal, unethical, or incompetent behaviors may jeopardize their ability to obtain certification or licensure to practice occupational therapy.

If you would answer YES to any of the questions below, you must complete the NBCOT Early Determination Review process before applying to Auerbach School of Occupational Therapy:

1. Have you ever been charged and/or convicted of a felony? (NOTE: Applicants must answer affirmatively even if convictions have been pardoned, expunged, released, or sealed.)
2. Have you ever had any professional license, registration, or certification denied, revoked, suspended, or subject to probationary conditions by a regulatory authority or certification board?
3. Have you ever been found by any court, administrative, or disciplinary proceeding to have committed negligence, malpractice, recklessness, or willful or intentional misconduct which resulted in harm to another?
4. Have you ever been suspended and/or expelled from a college or university for non-academic reasons?

A copy of the NBCOT Early Review determination results must be included with the application to the MSOT program.