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Social Media Ambassadors

Become an ambassador

Enjoying your #SpaldingU experience? Become a Social Media Ambassador and share your college experience on Spalding social media. SMA’s have access to the University Snapchat and Instagram accounts, and show our followers what it’s like to be a Spalding student.
If you are an undergraduate student interested in learning more about the SMA program, email us.

Meet our ambassadors

Katie Burckhardt

Katie AblesHi, my name is Katie! I am a sophomore social work major. My favorite social media is Instagram. Follow me at @katie_burckhardt! I love being an SMA because I am able to share my experience at Spalding to all my fellow peers and prospective students. What I love most about Spalding is all the amazing life-long friends I made here!

Dakota Embry

Dakota EmbryMy name is Dakota Embry and I’m a senior working towards my BFA! Aside from being a social media ambassador, I am also the Assistant Resident Hall Coordinator as well as a member of the Residence Hall Advisory Council. Because I’m involved in quite a bit, it’s nice that Spalding’s campus is so small because I can easily get from one place to another while seeing fellow students in these programs every day. It makes working with each other easier and less uncomfortable. My favorite social media platform is Instagram, where I post all of my favorite makeup looks! Makeup is something that I was always interested in but never had the courage to pursue until I was surrounded by the encouraging community and new friends I met at Spalding.

Alyss Fabelo

Alyss FabeloHola! My name is Alisdeivy Fabelo Abreu. I am a freshman, and my major is Psychology. I am a student ambassador; I am also involved in Spalding Multicultural Community. My favorites social media platforms are Instagram and Snapchat. Being a social media ambassador allows me to share my experience and activities that are going on campus, with students from Spalding and others that follow us on social media and would like to know how it is like being a student from Spalding. One thing that I love about Spalding is that we are a small but united community where I get to make friends, I love going around greeting people! and another reason why I like Spalding is because for me it is important being around people who really care about me and my success in my career and I found that at Spalding.

Madison Jaggers

Madi JaggersI am a Sophomore  Occupational Therapy major with a social work minor, I am involved in the Social Media Ambassador program along with, Student Ambassadors, and I am An RA . My favorite thing about Spalding is how we enhance the mission statement everyday along with showing our family atmosphere. Being a Social Media Ambassador to me is amazing because I can help capture the special moments we all share being Spalding students.

Melissa Perez

Melissa PerezHi I’m Melissa Perez and I am a junior majoring in Business Administration, with a concentration of marketing. I am involved in various different organization. I am the secretary for the Student Government Association. I am part of the marketing board for Campus Activities Board. I am a member of the Resident Hall Advisory Committee. I am also the President for our business organization, Phi Beta Lambda. My favorite social media platforms are Instagram and TikTok at the moment. What I love about being a social media ambassador is showing off my special home away from home. I’m treated by my name not a number. It truly is a friendly, cozy community. Also, the class schedule flexibility is also one of the best traits, hands down!

Morgan Rood

Morgan RoodMy name is Morgan Rood, I am a junior. I am majoring in Accounting. I am involved in the Residence Hall Advisory Committee and in Phi Beta Lambda. My favorite social media platform is TikTok because it is a way for people to show their creativity and express themselves through videos. I love Spalding for being a diverse and open community, not allowing students to feel outcasted and everyone feels welcomed, which is also why I like being an SMA. It gives me an opportunity to help encourage students to get more involved and create an even more welcoming community.

Sydney Tucker

Sydney TuckerMy name is Sydney Tucker and I am a freshman (class of 2023). I am a Business and Accounting major. At Spalding University I participate in SLUG, Black Student Alliance, Poetry club, Track and Field (Thrower), one of the Social Media Ambassadors, and part of Campus Activities Board. My favorite social media platform is Snapchat. I chose SMA because I want to connect and inform the people of Spalding of the activities and events along with building a platform for people to speak and for them to listen to be well-informed. What I like about Spalding is the opportunities that Spalding gives you to challenge you academically, socially, and as a person in general in order to be the best you.