Spalding’s 2SU transfer program ‘tremendous’ for Jefferson Community and Technical College students

Steve Jones

In recent years, Spalding University has worked to try to make it easier than ever for students attending Jefferson Community and Technical College to make the move right down the street and transfer to Spalding upon completion of their associate’s degree.

During National Transfer Student Week (Oct. 15-19), Spalding is celebrating students who have or will come to Spalding from other higher-ed institutions, including Jefferson through the 2SU program.

Spalding is also celebrating the one-year anniversary of the formal agreement with Jefferson to create 2SU, in which Jefferson students who declare their intention to transfer to Spalding will pursue their associate’s degree while receiving the same academic advising and support that Spalding students enjoy. The Spalding advisers work with Jefferson’s 2SU students to create a personalized coursework plan that puts them on a path focused on earning the credits necessary to eventually transfer to Spalding’s four-year programs.

“Jefferson is proud to open doors to a highly respected institution like Spalding University,” said Jefferson President Dr. Ty Handy. “The 2SU agreement has been tremendous for our students as they are able to begin their work toward a four-year degree with Jefferson while seamlessly transitioning to Spalding. It really is a win-win for both schools and their students.”

Over the last five years, an average of 37 Jefferson students per year have transferred to Spalding. The university hopes that raising awareness for 2SU will help the number grow.

Ty Handy and Tori McClure pose for a photo in front of a row of JCTC banners
Jefferson President Ty Handy and Spalding President Tori Murden McClure

“The purpose of 2SU was to eliminate transfer barriers and help students be more seamless to go from there to here because we’re three minutes away,” Spalding Director of Transfer Student Success Dr. Nikki Shedletsky said. “We really are supportive of transfer students, and we want them to know that we are here to help them for their four years of college, even if they aren’t starting those four years with us.”

A common obstacle for transfer students at any school is when their earned credits don’t directly align with the new university’s requirements. Then, when unexpected courses need to be taken, it can cost the student time and money and make it difficult to complete a bachelor’s degree, much less in four years. The 2SU program can eliminate that obstacle for Jefferson students; as soon as they start at Jefferson, they’ll be pursuing only credits that will be usable at Spalding.

“The biggest thing with a transfer student is knowing which classes to take,” said Paul Bolton, Spalding Director of Adult Enrollment. “We want these students to know that we’ll be heavily engaged throughout their time at Jefferson to keep them on a path to completing their associate’s degree, then seamlessly transfer and complete a four-year degree at Spalding.”

As 2SU develops, Shedletsky said, there could be additional benefits for Jefferson students, including, potentially, parking on Spalding’s campus and having a 2SU ID card that would allow access to Spalding facilities like the library, fitness center and dining halls. 2SU students also could request membership in Spalding’s student clubs and organizations.

“I want students at Jefferson to say, ‘I came to Spalding because they helped me along the way, they believed in me, they’re compassionate and everybody there wants to see me succeed,'” Shedletsky said.

For more information on 2SU, contact Spalding Director of Transfer Student Success Nikki Shedletsky at [email protected] More information on Jefferson Community and Technical College is available at