Spalding, Sullivan announce Pathway Agreement for pharmacy students

Spalding University staff

Spalding University and the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences have signed a Pathway Agreement partnership that will allow Spalding students to complete Sullivan’s pharmacy program at an accelerated pace while completing their Bachelor of Science degree at Spalding.

The agreement, signed Monday, July 8, 2019, by top administrators of both schools, establishes a pathway in which Spalding University students who are studying natural sciences and are on a pre-pharmacy track can transfer to Sullivan University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences after three years at Spalding. Upon completing the first year of Sullivan’s accelerated Pharm.D. program, the students can transfer those credit hours back to Spalding for completion of their Bachelor of Science degree.

“Students that may be interested in attending the Doctor of Pharmacy, or Pharm.D., degree program at Sullivan University can take all of their pre-requisite coursework at Spalding University,” said Sullivan University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Associate Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Dale English. “This coursework allows them to work towards a Bachelor of Science degree at Spalding University as well as set themselves up for application to and matriculation into the Pharm.D. program.

“While this program does not currently guarantee admission into the Sullivan Pharm. D. program, we have found the students that attend Spalding University are highly competitive candidates for admission into our program,” Dr. English said.

This agreement specifically applies to natural science students who leave Spalding before they earn their bachelor’s degree, typically after three years. Admission to Sullivan is not guaranteed, but Spalding students who complete the requirements will be guaranteed to receive an admissions interview.

“The agreement would create a convenient ‘3+3’ pathway for students to complete both a bachelor’s degree from Spalding and a doctor of pharmacy degree from Sullivan in six total years, which is a year faster – and thus more affordable – than would normally be the case if they sought both degrees,” said Spalding University Provost Dr. John Burden.

“The Pathway Agreement creates a clearly defined option for Spalding pre-pharmacy students to attend a local pharmacy school and complete their bachelor’s degree, even if they leave Spalding after three years,” Dr. Burden said. “This partnership helps solidify Spalding as a strong option for pre-pharmacy students to reach their professional goals.”

A major benefit to students is the ability to complete a Pharm.D. degree up to two years faster than a more traditional academic path.

“Most Pharm.D. degree programs take as many as seven to eight years to complete,” Dr. English said. “The six years to complete their Pharm.D. degree is the shortest amount of time to complete this process. In addition to completing one’s Pharm.D. degree in this time, the student also obtains both a B.S. degree as well as their Pharm.D. degree.”

The schools are looking forward to working together on the Pathway Agreement.

“The smaller overall size of both of these institutions provides a greater faculty to student ratio as well as an intimate family atmosphere,” Dr. English said. “Faculty at both institutions pride themselves on being incredibly student-centered and know their students beyond the classroom. Actively engaging with students to assist them in their future career aspirations and endeavors is a key component of faculty engagement at both universities.”