Make an Appointment

Behaviorally, making your first appointment is very easy. Emotionally, it might be more of a challenge. If you think you are ready to make the first move and set up the appointment then follow the easy steps below. If you aren’t quite sure yet please look through our site and feel free to send any questions to the director ( She truly loves therapy and believes in its effectiveness for ALL people so she would love to answer your questions.

When you are ready, you can call or email, whichever feels most comfortable for you. Shannon Delaney will be happy to get you set up over the phone and her number is 502-873-4486 or you can email our Student Counseling Center address which is and either Shannon or Dr. From will get back to you. If you send an email feel free to let us know your schedule so we can send back a few possible appointment times that could work for you. If you call and have to leave a message please make sure to leave us your number and let us know if it is ok to leave a message for you at that number.

Shannon will let you know where to go for that first appointment. She will also ask you to fill out some initial paperwork. Your counselor will go over all of it with you during that first session.