Meal Plans

Participation in the University Meal Plan is mandatory for students residing on campus. Students residing on campus must choose one of the available options for each semester of their enrollment. Students who do not choose a meal plan will be automatically placed in the STANDARD PLAN and charged accordingly. Students enroll in the meal plan of their choice when applying for housing.

All meal plans are charged by the semester and once determined CANNOT BE CHANGED. Spalding Dining Commons balances are NON REFUNDABLE and  roll over into other sessions.  Balances zero out at the end of Session 7.

Standard Plan

10 meals per week on campus plus $250 starting balance in Dining Dollars. 

The Standard Plan ($1400) is the best meal plan for students who plan to eat most of their meals using the Spalding Dining plan but do not plan to eat three full meals a day or plan on leaving frequently on weekends. Because campus dining can deliver basic food service to students at a better rate than for-profit restaurants the Standard Plan relies heavily on campus based dining with only a minimal starting amount in the Dining Dollars. Balances from the on-campus portion of the plan MAY NOT be transferred into Dining Dollars, but students may add to their Dining Dollar accounts as much as they choose beyond the set beginning amount.

Flex Plan

8 meals per week on campus plus $150 starting balance in Dining Dollars.

The Flex Plan ($1200) is designed to offer students the most options at the lowest price while assuring basic daily nutrition and choice. The Flex Plan combines up to five meals in the Spalding Dining Commons per week with an equal starting balance of Dining Dollars/Flex spending to allow students to take advantage of the options that most work with their schedule/preferences. Students on this plan must take much more personal responsibility to budget, plan and prepare meals on their own. Balances from the Spalding Dining Commons MAY NOT be moved into the Dining Dollars /Flex accounts, but students may add to their Dining Dollars/Flex accounts as much as they choose beyond the set beginning amount.

Commuter Plan

COMMUTER PLAN= initial fee $250; additional funds in $50 and $100 increments.

Spalding University students who do not live on campus may purchase a commuter meal plan. Students may use the meal plan for lunch and dinner at The Cafe at Kosair or the POD dining facilities. Only commuter students with a meal plan may utilize the breakfast meal plan, which is hosted at the Spalding Suites. The initial purchase of the commuter meal funds, $250, may be added to the student’s plan following the initial purchase at $50 and $100 increments. These funds are non-refundable. Each meal purchased will deduct the funds from the student’s pre-loaded Spalding ID card. The commuter meal plan may be purchased during the week, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Enrollment Services Counter located at the ELC on the first floor.

Dining Dollars

Spalding University offers dining dollars as part of the meal plan to students who live on campus. Local restaurants who participate in this program are listed below:

Bearnos By The Bridge (131 W Main St, 502-584-7437)
City Cafe (All Locations)
Cunninghams (630 S. 4th St.)
Safier Mediterranean (641 S. 4th St.)
Nancy’s Bagels (All Locations)
Sicilian Pizza and Pasta (631 S. 4th Street)
China Bistro(3rd & Broadway)
Potbelly Sandwich Shop (302 S. 4th St.)
Smoothie King (411 S. 4th St.)
Zoup! (318 S. Fourth St.)