Honor Board

The Honor Board court system exists to help students take responsibility for their behavior and to educate them about the consequences of their actions. This Board supports the life learning of students outside of the classroom. We acknowledge that students are responsible and capable of making appropriate decisions; however, they will occasionally make mistakes. We consider discipline in the educational community as a part of the teaching process.

The Honor Board focus is on respect first for spiritual values, which include honesty and integrity in human behavior. That is closely allied with, respect for other persons, their rights and, as good citizens, respect for the law and authority.

The Honor Board investigates cases alleged against students to determine the facts of the situation. It then convenes a body of students, faculty and staff to review the alleged charges, hear the investigation which includes an exchange with each party involved and interviews with witnesses. It then moves to make a determination on the case and decides on appropriate sanctions. If sanctions are imposed, they are educational in nature and/or are protective of the Spalding Community and its students.