Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to live on campus?

Yes. As of 2015, all Spalding students under the age of 21 are required to live on campus in one of our two residence halls. Exemptions are granted only if a student is married, has a dependent, or is living with a parent. To learn more about the exemption process please email Ann Broderick.

What should I bring to campus?

Please review the What to Bring to Campus Page for a list of recommended and prohibited items.

What are the dimensions of my room?

Spalding Suites: Single rooms measure 9′ x 10’5″ and double rooms are approximately 14’5″ x 10’5″].  Beds can be bunked, lofted, and lowered.  An un-lofted bed at its highest has an under bed clearance of [33″].  Beds are twin XL.  Windows are [47″] wide and [71″] tall.

Morrison Hall: rooms measure 11’ x 16.5’. The closet will measure 45” x 30”, and the windows are measured 48” wide and 55” tall.

Be sure to review the What To Bring To Campus page for suggested and prohibited items.

I’ve applied! When will I find out where I’m living and who my roommate is?

Students who apply for housing and pay their housing deposit by June 25 will have priority assignment. These students will be notified of their room assignment and roommate status via email on July 15. Students who apply for housing or pay their housing deposit after June 15 will be notified of their assignment within three weeks.

Am I required to have a meal plan?

Yes. If you love to cook, the Flex Plan is your best option as it will only provide fewer meals each week. If you have dietary restrictions that would prevent you from eating on-campus, you can request a meal plan waiver through the Dean of Students at Your request will be considered by a committee and is not guaranteed approval.

When do I move into my new home away from home?

Students will take part in beSU Move In on Sunday, August 16th. Move in begins at 12 noon and lasts until 6 PM. That night, students will meet their RAs in their first town hall meeting at 9 PM, locations to be announced at move in. Students are NOT permitted to move in if they have not been cleared having paid your deposit and completing your payment plan with Kathy McVay in Student Accounts. Approved fall athletes may move in on [DATE] if they have been cleared by the Office of Residence Life.

Can I move in early if I’m an athlete?

Only approved fall sport athletes may move in early.  You must be approved by your coach and cleared through the residence life office.  The Office of Residence Life will only receive names for early move-in athletes from the respective coach.  If you’re not sure if you’re approved for early move-in please contact the Director of Residence Life. Approved athletes will receive an email from Residence Life with move-in date, time and other information.

Where is my residence hall located?

Spalding Suites is located at 901 South 2nd St., Louisville, KY 40203 at the corner of Breckinridge St.

Morrison Hall is located at 947 South 4th St., Louisville KY 40203 between Breckinridge St. and Kentucky St.

Where can I park for move-in?

Spalding Suites does not have dedicated parking adjacent to the residence hall therefore you will be directed to pull up in front of the building either on 2nd street or Breckinridge street .  You may enter the building from either street, just follow the signs.  You will check-in and pick up your move-in packet and keys inside the residence hall.  Residents whose last names begin with A-M will retrieve their packets from the front of the building off of 2nd street and those whose last names begin with N-Z will retrieve their packets from the back of the building off of Breckinridge street.  After you retrieve your packet please quickly unload your car.  We will have volunteers and carts on hand to help you.  As soon as your car is unloaded you can park in K lot which you may access via the alley off of Breckinridge or 2nd street.  Please move your car so that other residents can move-in easily as well.  Please refer to the campus map.

How do I get a parking pass? What about housing my bike?

Log onto the Spalding Portal and click on Parking Permit under the LinkLauncher. Permits are $30 and may only be purchased online. The closest lot to Spalding Suites is K lot.

We recommend securing your bike with a U-lock and registering it with Camus Safety. Bikes may be stored on bike racks located behind Spalding Suites.

Rover, my dog/cat/bird, is my best friend. Can I bring him?

No, unfortunately. Our building is not designed to accommodate pets be they dogs, cats, rats, fish, turtles, snakes, lizards or anything else not taking classes at Spalding. Bring lots of pictures and set up some Skype chats so Rover stays close to your heart.

Cooking is my passion. Am I really required to be on the meal plan?

Yes. If you love to cook, the Flex Plan is your best option as it will only provide fewer meals each week. If you have dietary restrictions that would prevent you from eating on-campus you can request a meal plan waiver through the Dean of Students Your request will be considered by a committee and may not be approved.

Should I bring a full kitchen set?

One of the biggest issues we find with roommates/suitemates is negotiating the cleaning of common spaces.  We HIGHLY recommend that you bring only the bare necessities when it comes to the kitchen (1-2 plates, 1-2 microwave safe bowls, 1-2 knives, forks and spoons and 1-2 cups). This will cut down on clutter, dirty dishes in the sink and arguments between roommates.  You can always buy pots and pans (or have mom and dad mail them to you) after you’ve settled in.  If you are assigned to a room with an external kitchenette you should bring only a few dishes that are cheap and to which you have no emotional attachment.  If dishes are left in the sink in the common spaces they will get tossed by the staff.

Do I have a curfew?

No, but we do have a visitation policy. Students are permitted to have three guests) from 10 AM – 12 midnight and one guest from midnight until 10 AM. During the week (Sunday – Thursday), students who have guests after midnight are required to use an overnight pass. During the weekend (beginning at midnight on Thursday and ending at midnight on Sunday), students may have one guest after midnight without using an overnight pass. All guests, with the exception of family, are required to sign in and leave a valid ID (driver’s license, military license, student ID).