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Setting up your Spalding Portal Account
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What do I need to do? Learn your student ID number. This is a seven digit number assigned to you by Spalding University and imprinted on your Spalding picture ID. The number will be necessary for resetting your password if it expires or you forget it. Visit Portal Account Setup Link.

How will I access the portal? 
The portal will be linked to our website and will be accessible at the following URL:  or http://my.spalding.edu.

How do I login?

If you already have your username and password you can login by typing your username and password and clicking the appropriate user type (students or
faculty/staff). You may also type students\ or spalding\ for the students group or faculty and staff respectively. Be sure to you the \ (backslash key) which leans to the left.

If you do not remember your password or you are new to the portal you will need to create a portal password and synchronize all your accounts. You can view a short demonstration of signing into the portal using your seven digit student ID number and the last 4 digits of your SSN. Once you setup your password and username you will be prompted to login. You will also see a link to re-enter your username and password for Exchange for email and Blackboard for course information. Portal Account Setup Link.

What should I know?
The my.spalding.edu portal is the entry point for Moodle, Web Advisor and E-mail and will be your gateway to the campus. You will not have to visit three separate login pages to access these tools. The portal has other features: password change tool, the cafeteria menu, local weather, Spalding News and Bulletin Board, a staff and faculty directory, a site search tool, and links to other useful Spalding pages.

Your new portal password must follow a few rules. The password must be at least 8 characters and have 3 of these 4 types of characters: lowercase letters, capital letters, numbers and symbols (i.e. &, $, !, *). When your password expires, you will be prompted to change it before gaining access to the portal.