Student Activities

There are many ways to get involved and make your mark on Spalding’s campus!  Join one of the student organizations listed below or create your own.  If you’re interested in developing your own student organization contact Janelle Rae, Director of Student Leadership & Multicultural Services at 502.873.4479 or jrae@spalding.edu.



Applied Behavior Analysis Organization

To support the academic and professional development of students in the graduate program in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Vacant (President) Contact Janelle Rae if you’re interested in this organization jrae@spalding.edu

Vacant (Advisor) Contact Janelle Rae if you’re interested in advising this organization jrae@spalding.edu

Kentucky Education Association Student Program 

KEASP provides pre-service teachers and others interested in education with professional development, service and leadership opportunities with p-12 schools.

Andrew Crocker (President) acrocker@spalding.edu

Samantha Humphrey (Vice-President) shumphrey@spalding.edu

Karen Dunnagan (Advisor) Kdunnagan@spalding.edu

Natural Science Student Association

Maher Alia (President) malia@spalding.edu

Jeremy White (Advisor) jwhite07@spalding.edu

Phi Alpha (National Honor Society)     

The purpose of Phi Alpha Honor Society is to provide a close bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideals.

Erin Lamon (President) elamon@spalding.edu

Vacant (Advisor) Contact Kevin Borders if you’re interested in advising this organization kborders@spalding.edu

Pi Theta Epsilon (Beta Rho Chapter)

Pi Theta Epsilon is a specialized honor society for occupational therapy students and alumni, promoting research and scholarship.

Molly Miller (President) Mmiller16@spalding.edu

Vacant – (Advisor) Contact Janelle Rae if you’re interested in advising this organization jrae@spalding.edu

Psi Chi  

Organized for the purposes of encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship, and advancing the science of psychology.

Regina Majestro (President) rmajestro@spalding.edu

Dr. Nicholas Lim (Advisor) nlim@spalding.edu

Spalding University Nursing Students (SUNS)  

Provides programs on recent advances in health care and networking opportunities with other health care professionals.

Michelle Dean Smith (President) mdean01@spalding.edu

Becky Gesler (Advisor) rgesler@spalding.edu

Spalding University Occupational Therapy Association (SUSOTA)

Provides opportunities for professional development through networking, service, and fellowship. 

Laura Jones (President) ljones11@spalding.edu

Susan Buchino (Advisor) sbuchino@spalding.edu

Spalding Social Workers Association (SSWA)

Promotes a heightened awareness of social issues and encourages the development of professional skills.

Devon Turley (MSW President) dturley@spalding.edu

Vacant (BSSW President) Contact Kevin Borders if you’re interested in this position.

Christina Manero Gaines (Vice President) cmanero@spalding.edu

Kevin Borders (Interim Advisor) kborders@spalding.edu

Spalding University Sports Medicine Club

Provides a setting for students who are interested in becoming an Allied Health Care Professional in the field of Sports Medicine to develop increased student involvement outside of the classroom and to network with local Sports Medicine professionals.

Katrina Kuban (President) kkuban@spalding.edu

Alma Mattocks (Advisor) amattocks@spalding.edu


Campus Activities Board

Supports students in imagineering opportunities that promote learning and service to sustain an engaged and compassionate Spalding community.

JaTeziah Murphy & Christopher Muncy – (Presidents) jmurphy04@spalding.edu & cmuncy@spalding.edu

Janelle Rae (Advisor) jrae@spalding.edu

Consent is Sexy

Encouraging promotion awareness of safe sex practice, discussion, sexual health and emotional well-being.

Vacant – (President) Contact Dr. Allison From if you’re interested in this organization.

Allison From (Advisor) afrom@spalding.edu

Egan Service Living

Members devote time to helping others less fortunate through our volunteer services. Limited positions, application only.

Audrey Cecil (Advisor) acecil01@spalding.edu

Residence Hall Activities Council 

Providing comfortable living for student residents.

Rachel Hempel (Advisor) rhempel@spalding.edu

Student Government Association

Collective body of student representatives from all organizations and advocates for all students’ needs and concerns.

Bryan Zingg (President) bzingg@spalding.edu

Janelle Rae (Advisor) jrae@spalding.edu

Veteran Student Association

Support for the academic success of Veteran students and service to individuals for families in need.

John Penezic (President) jpenezic@spalding.edu

Vacant – (Advisor) Contact Janelle Rae if you’re interested in advising this organization jrae@spalding.edu


Adventure Club

Devoted to exploring recreational sports and adventure activities.   

Ashley Wasilewski (President) awasilewski@spalding.edu

Vacant  (Advisor) Contact Janelle Rae if you’re interested in advising this organization jrae@spalding.edu

Best Buddies

Establishment of one-to-one friendships between people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Kristina Mucker (President) kmucker@spalding.edu

Susan Nicholson (Advisor) snicholson02@spalding.edu

Joyful Praise Liturgical Dance Team

TaNaa Davis (President) tdavis05@spalding.edu

Taniera Paige (Vice-President) tpaige@spalding.edu

Jennifer Anderson (Advisor) JAnderson@spalding.edu

Multi-Cultural Student Association

Promotes awareness of Multi-Cultural students and appreciation of diversity at Spalding.

Sabrina Shunnarah & Kyee Young  (Presidents)  sshunnarah@spalding.edu & kyoung01@spalding.edu

Dr. Chris Kolb  & Deonte Hollowell – (Advisors) ckolb@spalding.edu & dhollowell@spalding.edu

 National Organization for Women (NOW)

To bring awareness to action issues of equity, safety and fairness towards women.

Zoe Leibowitz (President) zleibowitz@spalding.edu

Sam Meyer (Advisor) Smeyer@spalding.edu

Sounds of Unity Inspirational Choir (SOU)

Uplifting Christian principles through song and service to the community.

Sean Hardy (President) Shardy03@spalding.edu

Vacant – (Advisor) Contact Janelle Rae if you’re interested in advising this organization jrae@spalding.edu

SU Gay Straight Alliance

Spalding’s Gay Straight Alliance exists to provide a safe and supportive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, questioning, and transgender youth and their straight allies.

Edward Taylor (President) Etaylor03@spalding.edu

Katherine Walker-Payne & Rudy Clark (Advisors) kwalkerpayne@spalding.edu & rclark05@spalding.edu

 The Underground Artist Movement

Students from the Kentucky School of Art promote a creative and productive life through a higher education in the visual arts.

Kyle Sherrard (President)  ksherrard01@spalding.edu

Aaron Lubrick (Advisor)  alubrick@spalding.edu 

Young Black and Gifted

Mentoring program that assigns an established Spalding student to an incoming freshman to create community and support academic success.

Vacant (President) Contact Janelle Rae if you’re interested in this organization jrae@spalding.edu

Dr. Chris Kolb (Advisor) ckolb@spalding.edu

Greek Letter Organizations

Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. – Theta Lambda Chapter

Greek Letter Organization dedicated to the development and perpetuation of scholarship, leadership, citizenship, fidelity and brotherhood amongst men.

Trevin Bass (President) Trevin.Bass@gmail.com

H.A. Hasan Ph.D (Advisor) hasan@spalding.edu

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. – Tau Rho Chapter

Greek Letter Organization organized on the precepts of Scholarship, Service, Sisterly Love and Finer Womanhood.

DeShawn Burrell (Chapter Advisor) deshawnburrell@yahoo.com

Janelle Rae (Advisor) jrae@spalding.edu