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Egan Service Living Program

The Spalding Egan Service Living program was established in 2008 to provide a corps of Spalding students with the leadership skills to exemplify the Spalding mission. Egan students engage in extensive community service and training necessary to help execute special university functions and represent the university at events both on campus and elsewhere.  Spalding Egan Service Living students are drawn from all academic disciplines and class years. Attempts are made to recruit an equal number of students from each residential college. Students selected to serve remain in the program until graduation unless they choose to resign or are asked to leave for engaging in conduct deemed inappropriate.

Member Selection & Scholarship

The member selection process happens officially during session 1 of each academic year. All undergraduate students are welcome to apply for the program. Once all applications are collected, they are reviewed by a selection committee made up of current ESLP members. From there, a select number of applicants are chosen for personal interviews. Once all interviews are complete, the interview committee (also made up of current ESLP  members) chooses the new inductees for that academic year. The Egan Service Living Program maintains approximately 20 members.

A group of this size ensures that an adequate number of students can be assembled for any given activity without compelling any student who may have an academic or personal conflict to participate at a time that is inconvenient. This also ensures that staff responsible for the program is able to give each student adequate time, attention, and care. Not every Egan Service Living student works at every event.

The ESLP is intended to be a residential program. All students in ESLP are highly encouraged to spend at least their first year in the program living on campus. Students in the ESLP live on campus free of room charges. Most choose to stay throughout their time at Spalding.

Social Duties of Spalding Egan Service Living Students

Egan Service Living students may be called upon to represent the university at social functions both on and off campus; to accompany development officers or other university officials on university business calls; to help plan and execute university functions; and to serve as VIP liaisons, campus tour guides, special event facilitators, ushers, etc. “Egans” (as they are lovingly called on campus) are expected to study and master information on the university and its history, to attend regularly scheduled meetings for continuing training and instruction, and to conduct themselves at all times – not merely during the actual performance of duties – according to the highest standards of personal integrity and decorum.

On average, the ESLP completes one off campus service project per month throughout the academic year, as well as many on campus events. They take one long distance, extended service trip each year to culminate the year’s work. ESLP has done extended service work in Mississippi, Florida, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Kentucky. Also, the program members spend at least 2 hours per week in training/planning sessions and meetings to prepare for upcoming projects.


All Spalding Egan Service Livings are required to participate in a several service and university assignments each academic semester. We encourage active participation in as many campus programs and events as your schedule will allow. Students who fail to comply with this rule may be dropped from the Spalding Egan Service Living program. It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of the number of events in which he or she participates in order to maintain active status in the program. At the end of each school year, we will review participation records and an e-mail will be sent to each student who failed to meet the minimum requirements.

Community Service Activities

• Participate in various service projects throughout school year that aligned with mission of the university

• Annually participate in Service Trip with Sisters of Charity of Nazareth or other group aligned with the Mission of Spalding University

• Serve as leaders for New Student Orientation in the fall of each school year